(1) Manufacture of ammonium humate: Generally, it is manufactured by direct ammoniation. the way is: Ammonia or ammonium bicarbonate is used to directly react with the raw materials to convert the humic acid into soluble ammonium humate. This method is suitable for raw materials with high humic a
First, it is timely to sow the weather conditions of the cool oceania and the average temperature on the sowing date is stable below 25°C. Second, with the bud under the species of acacia there are 2 months to 3 months of dormancy, according to different regions to determine seed treatment metho
Convective weather is more likely to occur in summer and there is more rain, and trees are easily damaged. If they are not saved in time, they can easily cause death of trees. The salvage points are described below: First, timely drainage and timely drainage are the first steps to save the affecte
1. Live crab transportation method 1) Short-distance transportation: It can be transported with water soaked in Pu. During transport, avoid exposure to pressure and exposure. 2) Long-distance transportation: It is recommended to dress with strict braids. Pick a layer of mud at the bottom of the rav
Crop stalks contain a lot of starch. Extracting the starch from it can not only feed, but also make wine, vinegar, and sugar. Making starch from corn stalks First peel off the hard skin of corn stalks. Cut the no-worm scorpions into thin slices. Soak them in clean water for 12 hours and put them i
January-February, the main production tasks: Bao Zheng, Baotu, Bao lamb, health care, epidemic prevention, deworming, general disease prevention and control; produce good winter lamb and early spring lamb. Second, the specific production process and work 1. Livestock husbandry: According to the f
Native to Japan. It is said that it was produced by crossbreeding of white rabbits and Japanese rabbits of Chinese national rabbits. Japanese big-eared white rabbits have high fertility, strong physique, and are more resistant to rough feeding, cold-resistant, strong adaptability, large body size,