Fortunate grass, also known as auspicious grass. Perennial perennial plants, strong tiller, well-shaped plump, cold-resistant, shade-tolerant. In the case of scattering light in the greenhouse, it can also grow normally. The roots are green and green, resembling a green jade, which is of great orn
The English name Janan Fatsia is an evergreen shrub with an octagonal, octahedral and hand-carved name. Leaves large, palmate, 5--7-lobed, thick, glossy, margin serrate or undulate, green sometimes yellow-brown, petiole long, base hypertrophy. Umbrella set produces terminal panicles, white flowers.
Cartland Carterland, also known as Cattleya hybrida, is known for its large flowers, beautiful colors, and rich beauty. It has many varieties and some species also have aromatic odors. It was one of the earliest cultivated orchids of humans. According to relevant records, the stems of this plant w
[Roystonea regia (Kunth) OFCook.] Originated from Cuba, Jamaica, Panama and other places. Positive. Alone, up to 15-20 meters tall and straight. Pinnate, leaflets long lanceolate, often spreading in four columns. Mainly used as street trees, landscape trees. Slightly cold, it is known that the degr
The beautiful leaves of Aechmeafasciata (Aechmea fasciata), also known as 蜻蜓pineapple, spotted pineapple. Native to Brazil, its leaves and flowers are extremely beautiful. Rosette-like leaves have tiger-like silver-white stripes, and the pink cone-shaped inflorescence stands upright, res
The scientific name Cotinus coggygria Emei Common Smoketree Alias ​​red oak tree, tobacco tree family name lacquer morphological characteristics of deciduous shrubs or trees. The crown is round or umbrella-shaped, and the branchlets are purple-brown with white powder. Leaves alternate
Fuxin City, flower name Rosa xanthina English name Manchu Rose alias Rosa roxburghii, hard-skinned rose family name Rosaceae morphological characteristics of deciduous shrubs. Branchlets brown or brown, spiny. Oddly pinnate compound leaves, often 7-13 leaflets, suborbicular or elliptic, margins gla
Deutzia scabra scientific name Scabrous Deutzia alias araceae science name Saxifragaceae morphological characteristics of deciduous shrubs. Bark flakes off. Branchlets hollow, reddish brown, star-shaped pilose when young. Standing panicles, 5 cm to 12 cm long, 5 petals, white or slightly red outsid
Saxifraga, also known as the golden thread hibiscus, is a perennial herb of Saxifragaceae. Ye Jisheng, with filamentous stolons, shoots rooted on the shoot, and another one. Leaves kidney-shaped, green above, with white reticular veins; below the purplish red, both sides are born with long hairs, s
Scientific name: A drom ischus herrei Family Genus: Sedum genus Tianjinzhang Morphology: perennial succulent plant, plant height about 10 cm, with short stems, fleshy leaves, spindle-shaped, two pointed, leaf surface rough, full of pimple, but shiny, green leaves, new leaves exposed by the sun w