The weaning time of piglets is generally between 28 and 35 days after birth, and can be as early as 21 days. Weaning can use the following methods according to the situation. 1. The one-time weaning method is to separate the mother's one-time at the time of weaning. Specifically, the sows can
From 2003 to 2005, Jinzhou City Marine and Fisheries Research Institute undertook the artificial seedling breeding and bottom-feeding technology projects, introduced high-density shellfish breeding technology, and steadily improved the production of industrialized seedlings and shallow seabed reari
1 Breeding pest-resistant varieties At present, insect-resistant transgenic plants have been obtained on apples. The main insect-resistant genes used are Bt (Bacillus thypsin inhibitor) and CpTI genes. The Bt gene is an insecticidal crystal protein (ICP) gene isolated from Bacillus thuringiensis. A
Feeding soft-shelled turtles with green feeds has a low investment cost and considerable benefits, and it is widely used in rural areas. By using green feed to raise the snails and then raising the soft-shelled turtle, the green feed can be converted into animal feed to meet the dietary requirement