How to add complementary food to infants Breastmilk is the best way to give your baby the best of your life. As you know, breastmilk is the perfect food for babies for the first four to six months. There are several good reasons for you to wait until at least half a year before adding other foods t
Raw materials: American ginseng and white peony; American ginseng: sweet, cool, qi and spleen, Yang Yin Sheng Jin; White peony: sweet, flat, attending tuberculosis, tuberculosis, neurasthenia, etc.; Cut the bones of the day and cut into inches. Soak the American ginseng in water and pour the wate
At present, brain-healthy medicines that can “enhance the brain, eliminate brain fatigue, and enhance memory” are relatively popular. Many parents believe in the efficacy of these products. Brain health products in the end can not play a role in promoting memory? Relevant experts be
Ripe banana The banana is slippery, soft and fresh. It is the nutritious initial food that babies like. It's nutrition is also higher than shell food and it doesn't cause allergic reactions. You can try to get some banana puree on the spoon or finger. When you feed your child, you will find
Watermelon skin: Qingshu, thirst-quenching, diuresis; Onions: pass milk, diuresis, detoxification; Ginger: stomach, solution, cooling, warming; Garlic: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, stomachic, sedative effect; Pepper: treat psoas muscle pain and promote gastric secretion; Eggs: Antipyretic,
Chronic pancreatitis is not completely cured by acute pancreatitis, but it can also cause chronic inflammation of the pancreas due to poor drainage of pancreatic duct due to chronic cholecystitis. The number of people with diabetes now increases, often with diabetes and chronic pancreatitis. Alcohol
Some parents think that high protein is good nutrition, so give children a lot of high-protein foods. In fact, one-sided emphasis on high-protein, will affect the child's health. Kidney complains: Metabolites of protein South must be delivered by the kidneys. Eating too much protein can increa
Anemia, clinical features such as pale or chlorotic minimalist, lip sputum pale, drowsiness, weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness, etc. as the main features, diet therapy is an effective adjuvant treatment of the disease, Huangqi chicken porridge, liver porridge, red dates black fungus soup, lit
Mung bean: water swelling, detoxification; Glutinous rice: Bu Zhong Yi Qi, warm the spleen and stomach; Pig intestine: The main thirst, the number of urine; Crispy water: sugar 10, maltose 10, vinegar 10, sugar 1, fresh lemon; First, the pig's intestines are washed in warm water, and the pig
After the baby is born 4 months later, the body's storage of iron from the mother's body has been substantially consumed. Whether it is breast-feeding or artificial feeding, you need to start adding some iron-rich food supplements. One of the more ideal foods. Egg yolk is not only rich in ir