"The dog rolls three times and the fairy stands unsteadily." "This winter, dog meat supplement, the next spring to fight the tiger." These sayings vividly illustrate the strong aroma and delicious taste of dog meat, which has high nutritional value and nourishing medicinal value
As the temperature climbs, summer has arrived. June is a key season for aquaculture production. Temperatures and water temperatures will continue to increase throughout the country, and rainfall will increase, and sunshine hours will increase significantly. Fish, shrimp, crabs, clams, shellfish and
According to GB3543-83 of the National Agricultural Crop Inspection Regulations, pepper seed germination beds are gauze or filter paper, and the germination potential is calculated as 6 days, and the germination rate is 14 days. In the gauze or filter paper method, the moisture is not easy to contr
Hot summer weather, high temperatures, good use of tractors, must pay attention to the following six points in order to make the tractor safe and effective operation. 1. Maintain the normal water level of the cooling system In the summer, the cooling water in the evaporation or water cooling syste
As we all know, Brazil has made achievements in the field of bioenergy. More than 80% of vehicles use ethanol-gasoline, and in the streets of Brazil, there are many ethanol/gasoline-fueled vehicles that drink alcohol. The raw materials used to make such vehicle ethanol include sugar cane and corn.
During the spring season, temperatures have risen, and various vegetables have entered a period of vigorous growth. At the same time, they have also created favorable conditions for the spread and epidemic of various germs. For onions, the more serious disease is downy mildew, reminding farmers to
1. Cow live in air-conditioned room. Han Haikou villager Zhang Haiying gave her cow room air conditioning. Talking about this, Zhang Haiying said with a smile: In her feeding process, she found that milk production was high in spring and late autumn, and low in summer and winter. She suspects that