Viral disease, the incidence rate of 60%. Virus disease seriously affects the variety and quality of cyclamen. Most of the seeds of cyclamen are infected with viruses, which is one of the ways of virus transmission. For comprehensive prevention and control of cyclamen virus disease, the seed should
First, pay attention to green feed can not be a single green feed is an indispensable quality feed for fattening beef cattle, but it contains too much water, with less dry matter. If only the green feed is used to feed beef cattle (especially beef cattle in the late period of fattening), although i
Wheat and rapeseed transplanting cotton are transplanted at a late stage of transplanting, and the growth period is late. The adoption of a film-mulching transplant method can play a role of increasing temperature, keeping moisture and preventing waterlogging, and it is an effective measure for fi
On April 17th, the vegetable farmer Yangzi of Linzi District of Zibo City called the reporter and said that he recently purchased an imported fertilizer labeled as Finnish. However, when calling the national free consultation phone on the package, he was empty, so he Suspected that he had bought fa
When scale is generated in the diesel tank, it must be cleaned in time. If the scale builds up, it will not only affect the cooling effect of the tank, but will also seriously affect the service life of the diesel engine. So, how to completely remove the scale in the diesel tank? The specific metho
Unreasonable use can cause diarrhea in laying hens, mainly due to the following reasons: Excessive salt content increases appetite and prevents the emergence of pecking feathers and licking. Some chicken farmers add too much salt in the feed, which causes severe diarrhea in the chicken. The large
Anthrax anthracnose is a fungal disease. It is susceptible to disease under conditions of multiple exposures and excessive humidity. It develops spindle-shaped or elongated lesions on the stem at the beginning of the disease. It is initially purple-red and sag, and when it is severe, it poses a re