effect Papaya is the king of aristocratic fruit, its effectiveness can be more ~ ​​breast, beauty, skinny legs, weight loss (lipid), lower blood pressure, but also a good anti-aging Oh. Papaya color orange or red orange, edible rate is high, the fruit is rich in papaya enzyme, vita
First, distinguish flower buds, buds differentiate flower buds, leaf buds should be identified from the external shape and internal structure of buds in two aspects. The flower buds are full of plums and buds, with a rounded top, a large scale and a bright, cohesive, hard-to-squeeze when squeezed.
"The summer does not buy the dogvest and the winter does not buy the 39." During the hot summer, especially during the dog days, the feed intake of the breeder dropped by more than 10%, and the consumption of nutrients increased as a result of insufficient nutrition. In particular, vitami