Red orange yellow green blue blue purple, colorful vegetables on the table, not only Yang Wei also very seductive. Recommended by Chinese residents' dietary guidelines, adults eat 300-500g of vegetables a day, which is not new to people who are concerned about nutrition and health. However, th
First, feeding method. Once the yak's breathing is normal after delivery, the yak should be fed to the colostrum in good time (best within 1 hour) and 5 kg in the next 24 hours to ensure adequate antibody protein. The optimum temperature for the newborn calf is 25°C. Therefore, thermal insu
In case of cold wind and winter, the piggery must seal the doors and windows, plug the gap, prevent the rat holes, cracks, and gaps in the circle from being blown into the "draft style" and "thief style". The vent hole can be kept more than 1 meter above the ground. The heights
To plant a good lotus plant cylinder, we must first select a good variety. To choose a small variety, such as Baer Lian, doutie and bowl lotus. Second, the container is best to use a large tile cylinder with an inner diameter of about 65 cm. The planting time must be selected 10 days before Ching
Recently, at the national fruit production analysis conference held in Yantai, Shandong, a figure has drawn attention: In 2011, Shaanxi had a total fruit area of ​​17.14 million mu and a total fruit production of 14.2 million tons, which surpassed Hebei, Shandong and Guangdon