How to stabilize the production of dairy cows from feedstuffs In the milk production process of dairy cows, feed supply and nutrition are directly linked to milk production time, so how to squeeze the most milk in a milk production cycle must be completed on the feed. The following are available fo
In early spring, the weather is changeable, the temperature is low, the temperature difference between day and night and inside and outside the house is large, the chicken disease is numerous, and the growth is slow. In order to obtain an ideal breeding effect, the following 7 points should be not
Since last winter, till now, the market for spicy chili peppers cultivated in greenhouses has been promising. Therefore, the newspaper introduced its planting technology as follows: First, nursery: The flower buds in the lower middle of pepper have been differentiated and completed at the seedli
First, strengthen the sow's feeding and management in the empty period of the sow, during the middle of pregnancy and lactation late feeding more raw materials, appropriate feeding green materials; early pregnancy, late lactation sufficient supply of protein, minerals and vitamin-rich fine Mate
Characteristic characteristics The variety is a single plant selection variety, better than ordinary glass crispy celery disease resistance, high yield, high quality. Plant growth is strong, plant height up to 90 cm, leaves green and bright. Yellow and green petiole, solid, less fiber, fresh and cr
Fighting livestock will not only cause "fleskin" for both sides of the fight, but it may even hurt the owners. Stopping livestock fights and shouting loudly often do not help. The correct and effective approach is: Smoked smoke cows are afraid of smoke. When a cow fights, burning smoke
With the rapid development of agriculture and the gradual increase in the amount of chemical fertilizers, how to increase the utilization of chemical fertilizers has attracted people's attention. The utilization rate of fertilizers is affected by factors such as single application, fertilizer
The porridge material has good palatability, and the dairy cow loves to eat. It can not only promote appetite, but also can be easily digested and absorbed, which can improve the utilization of feed. The method is: first use water to dilute the powdery concentrate, pour into boiling water and stir
First, the physical method of defense 1. Orchard irrigation poured in the fruit before budding 2 to 3 times, flowering can be postponed for 2 to 3 days; after germination watering, flowering can be postponed for 3 to 5 days. Spraying water to the fruit trees by spraying two minutes or two minutes