Vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, has an important physiological role in fish and shrimp. When fish and shrimps consume insufficient vitamin C (hereinafter referred to as VC), they may easily cause VC deficiency, hinder the normal growth and development of fish and shrimp, and even cause deat
Crab species should be purchased locally at nearby nursery sites to avoid long-distance transportation and reduce intermediate links; it is necessary to know in detail the source, species, age of crabs, cultivation methods, and whether they are sexually mature. The body is required to have a strong
Diseases: 64% of Tian Liang WP 500 times or 50% of SC 500 times. Control 1 time every 7 days, rotation 3-5 times. Botrytis cinerea: 70% WP WP 800 times once every 7 days, medication 3-4 times. Leaf mould: 70% red WP 800 times or 50% FD 500 times, once every 3-5 days. Viral disease: In addition t
I. Species selection Rice field ducks are a kind of extensive feeding method. In duck-duck commensal farming mode, duck breeding is only an auxiliary industry for the production of green and high-quality rice. It mainly plays a role in biological control. Therefore, in the selection of duck breeds,
The autumn fattening fingerlings are not only beneficial to their safe wintering, but also lay a good foundation for the growth of fish in the coming year. The fattening fish species in the fall mainly focus on the following three points: First, adjust the feed structure in order to make the fish
In recent years, with the adjustment of agricultural structure, fruit cultivation has developed rapidly. However, from the time of planting to adult growth, many young orchard orchards have a large exposed space and a long exposure time. It not only wastes a lot of lukewarm resources and land reso
First, space disinfection is performed 7 days to 10 days before sowing or planting. Four grams of sulfur per cubic meter, 8 grams of sawdust mixed uniformly, placed in a container to burn, the time should be carried out at 7 o'clock in the evening, smoked smoke closed for 24 hours. Can also be
For more than 40 years since the advent of rigid foam liner packaging, a cost-effective and suitable packaging method has been added for the packaging of unit doses of pharmaceuticals. Rigid foam liner packaging has proven to be a durable, versatile and adaptable packaging material. Therefore, in th