First, seedbed preparation Seedbed should be selected where the ventilation is sunny, near water, high ground, smooth drainage, and convenient transportation. The cutting matrix can use expanded perlite and ash. The seedbed is made of bricks with a rectangular shape of 40-50 cm in height. The len
First, the main symptoms of beans throughout the growing season can be infected with the disease, but during the first flower to the result of the weakened resistance, increased sensitivity. The disease is dominated by the invading leaves. The leaves at the early stage of disease appear yellowish-
The use of special fermentation agents for jinbao cattle and sheep fodder to produce cattle and sheep feed has many advantages. The feed is safe and non-toxic, and the starter has strong adaptability to fermentation conditions. It has a wide range of applicable raw materials and extensive raw mate
The first step is to determine the dietary weight standard and the ratio of feed varieties. According to the dietary weight standard table, 320 grams of mixed feed should be supplied daily. It was determined that sea miscellaneous fish was 50%, beef 10%, milk 5%, eggs 3%, corn flour 10%, Chinese
The management of shiitake mushroom over the summer has a direct impact on the yield and benefits, and doing a good job of over-summer management is a key link in the production of shiitake mushrooms. Both indoor and outdoor methods can be adopted. First, indoor summer fungus (1) Minimize the nu
Alpine tomatoes are the main varieties of alpine vegetables in our city. The planting area is over 5,000 mu and the total output is 15 to 200,000 tons. Most of the products are sold to large and medium cities such as Shanghai and Hangzhou. In order to promote the continuous increase of income of f
Fertilizers have been widely used nowadays. Its function is very strong and it is basically invincible. Why is it so strong? Let's take the nutritive fertilizer Fermentation agent. The Goldbeet Fermentation Fermentation Aid is a complex flora composed of bacteria, filamentous bacteria, yeasts,
Pepper, a kind of vegetable, must be a green product that is pollution-free, safe, and nutritious. Fertilizer technology must be based on the application of organic fertilizers, supplemented by multiple compound fertilizers, and banned on industrial waste, municipal solid waste, and sewage sludge.
The soils in the northern regions are generally alkaline and do not meet the requirements for the cultivation of acidic soil plants in southern China such as rhododendrons, camellia, gardenia, and jasmine. Here are some small methods for improving soil quality: 1. Alum and alum are called white p
First, the characteristics of guinea fowl The guinea fowl, also known as the pearl bird, is a wild bird. It is native to Africa and later spread to Asia. It is now spread all over the world and has a reputation as the "king of meat and poultry." The guinea fowl is tender and delicious,