Onion and onion as spice crops have expanded their planting area. In the production of onion and onion due to the improper selection of herbicides often results in quarter production or no harvest, it will leave residual poison on the aftermath. In the non-pollution production of onions and onions
1. Spring flower growth is strong? Water evaporation is large? Consume much? Therefore, water and fertilizer should keep up. When basin soil is cracked, it must be watered in time; fertilize once a week or a half month; loose soil before watering and fertilizing. 2. After the winter, the dead lea
Glucosamine, as a bone health care popular product that has been on the market for many years in developed countries, is rarely known in China. This market is bred with vitality. International: The main force of bone and joint health products Glucosamine has three main functions: first,