1 It is due to the fact that the burst corn kernels are small and have a slow emergence and must be finely seeded; 2 is that most popcorn varieties have the characteristics of outcrossing sterility, that is, the filaments can only receive fertilization and fertilization of their own or the same t
China's South American white shrimp aquaculture industry has developed rapidly, and its broodstock breeding and seedling breeding play a key role. However, the lack of specific pathogens (SPF) and specific pathogens (SPR) in the healthy parenting of Penaeus vannamei, and the backwardness of dis
Salt water; The processing of ducks is not subject to seasonal restrictions. It is characterized by short pickling time and is now being processed. The taste of food is delicious, fat but not greasy. It has the characteristics of fragrant, crisp and tender. 1 Processing 1.1 Preparation of raw mat
Golden Baby Algae Fertilizer (Four aspects) Algae fertilizer has a great role in the cultivation of crops, for example, the microbial growth of the golden seaweed seaweed bacteria mainly through the function of nitrogen fixation, phosphate decomposing potassium, activating the soil, so that the c
Capsules of the genus, combined with difficult diseases for the treatment of diseases, often bring great difficulties and burdens to individuals, families, and society. Therefore, they have received attention from the medical community and society. Miscellaneous diseases The so-called "suspic
The pruning of cherry trees in different periods has different effects and methods. Dormant pruning is usually from the beginning of mid-November and late fall to the second year in March and the fourth in April. It lasts for 140 to 150 days. During the whole period of sleep, the suitable time fo
Wheat rust has 3 kinds of rust, leaf rust and stalk rust. Occurrence of strip rust is the most serious hazard. If the temperature in winter is high, the rainfall in early spring from March to April is high, and if the humidity in the field is too high, rust is prone to occur. First, the rational s