Black pepper sauce is very white, not only can be used in traditional Western food such as steak sauce, pasta, but also can participate in Chinese cuisine such as fried scallions, fried prawns, fried beef, etc., even if you are a otaku or Slacker, it’s okay t
Purebred breeding is also called breeding of this species. It refers to the method of continuously improving the herd quality and its production performance through selection, selection and breeding within the breed of cattle. Many beef breeds in foreign countries and many local yellow cattle seeds
Opening the aerator can not only increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, but also eliminate harmful gases. The impeller-type aerator can also stir the water and promote the exchange of water between the upper and lower layers. Scientific installation and use of aerators can ensure the
Spinach virus disease, also known as mosaic disease. In recent years, there have been developments and the damage in some areas has become more serious. First, the symptoms of the damaged plant heart atrophy or leaf-like shape, the old leaves withered early fall off, the plant curled into a spheri
The hot summer weather and high humidity make it easy to cause a lot of adverse effects on the pig industry. The critical temperature for heat stress in pigs is 32°C-34°C. When the temperature in the pig house continuously reaches or exceeds the critical temperature for 2-3 days, there is usu
When the feed temperature is about 30°C, the amount of earthworms is the largest and the amount of food consumed increases with the increase of the amount of activities. The molting period is correspondingly shortened, and the hatching and growth of oviposition are greatly accelerated. At this t
Roots are vital to the thriving crop crop. However, until now, which genes are related to the development of the roots is still a mystery. Researchers from the Flander Institute for Interdisciplinary School of Life and Technology have analyzed a complete plant genome and hope to find genes that are