Daffodils have strong cold resistance and can be planted on grass or flower beds in warm areas. The soilless culture method of daffodils is more worth promoting because it is easy to cultivate, easy to operate, clean and sanitary. In order to meet special needs, we can make narcissus flower ahead o
After the plastic mulch film is covered by the potato mulch, it not only keeps the ridge of the soil moist, saves water, but also increases the soil temperature and promotes the growth and development of the potato. According to the experiment, potato tubers grown in film-covered cultures swell ear
Ligustrum is an evergreen tree of the genus Oleaceae. It is 8 to 10 meters high. It is hi light and shade-resistant. It is warm and moist. It does not require strict climate control. It is an excellent green tree species that can be used as a street or garden tree, or as a hedge. There are two key
The genus is a semi-evergreen shrub whose branches are arched and sturdy; if the snake is rooted, it is squiggled; in the season of autumn and winter, the red fruits are numerous, and they are called "snow pressure corals" and are good materials for making bonsai. The specific practices o