The selection of cultivated bean varieties for cultivation of late-delayed dwarf beans should be adapted to varieties with strong adaptability, wide adaptability to temperature, early maturing and high yield, such as French bean (also known as tender bean, Beijing fast bean, etc.), black bean, and
1. Prompt vaccination on time, pay attention to drug prevention twice a year for vaccination, and use canine distemper and viral enteritis after leaving for 11-12 months and after 6-7 months. The encephalitis and other vaccines were vaccinated one by one, and the insects were given an insect repell
In 2001, Wuxue City was introduced from Hubei Zhongxiang Miye Group and arranged to be planted in three townships for demonstration and demonstration, covering an area of ​​10,000 mu. Wuxue City and 3150 farmers planting Chinese fragrant rice all signed purchase orders, and implemente
The correct use of ethephon to promote the bolls of bolls can make cotton bolls boil early for 7 to 10 days, increase production by 6.4% to 10.2%, and increase income by 26 to 40 yuan per mu. However, when using it, pay attention to the following points: 1. Efficacy. Ethephon in the market is mainl
The ducklings in the paddy field are ducklings that are placed in the paddy field at a suitable time and surrounded by a grate. The ducks are kept in the paddy fields day and night, and a new breeding and supporting technology for the mutual harvest of rice and ducks is implemented. The specific pr