First, larvae rearing: due to the habit of metamorphosis and camp-living of the gums, the larvae are bred into pre-larvae (cultivation from hatching to the bottom life stages) and post-larvae rearing (from the bottom of the camp to 5 cm in length). The cultivation of the stage). 1. Pre-cultivation
Spicy grilled fish is a small miscellaneous fish as the main raw material, seasoned, dried cooked food, its delicious taste, rich nutrition, you can on the ordinary family dinner table, but also into the upscale hotel. At the same time, the low-grade and small-sized trash fish can be easily stored
Tilapia in the freshwater fish farming industry, due to its fast growth, wide appetite, fewer diseases, rapid reproduction, strong adaptability to the environment, can be cultured in both large and small water bodies, has become a very important fish culture in recent years. In China, the aquacultu
Meretrix meretrix linnaeus belongs to the family of molluscs. Wide temperature shellfish, mostly distributed in flat sand beaches. The meat is delicious and nutritious, and it is deeply loved by people. With the improvement of people's living standards, the natural harvesting of wild seed can n
Ankang fish, also known as squid, old fish, ugly woman and so on. Fish file, Ankang head, Ankang Branch, soft body, no scale, there are many cortical protrusions on the edge of the head and body. The front half of the body is flat, disc-shaped, and the tail is small. Body length 50 cm or more. The
We all know that vegetables are rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber. These are the nutrients that meat foods cannot provide; seafoods such as shrimp, crab and shellfish are also low in calories and rich in various vitamins and minerals. Material foods. Therefore, the combination of the two can be
Fishballs are the most common products in surimi products. Due to the low requirements for the selection of raw materials for fish species, the production technology and technical equipment are relatively simple, and the nutritional value is high and the price is low, thus becoming a hot commodity.
Laminaria is a species of brown algae that is one of the major seaweeds cultivated in China, and its production ranks first in the world. Kelp is rich in nutrients, especially fucoidan in kelp is absolutely not a special component of all land-based vegetables, it has a significant effect on the inh
To eat a new flower: Foreword: Autumn is a good time to enjoy the hairy crabs. In the new millennium, how can we eat crabs stick to the rules? The original steaming method has been exhausted by "flavor" and it is difficult to stimulate appetite. It's better to engage in new meanings a
The main raw material is inkfish. Equipment and equipment Straw, rice dumplings, boxes, polyethylene bags, bamboo curtains, mats, etc. The production method is to select fresh inkfish and use a knife to cut the knife straight from the middle of the belly of the ink fountain to make it symmetrical