First, to prevent the main, timely spraying This concept is generally understood by farmers, but in practice, they often do not perform well, or look at the rain or other activities, or are busy with other activities, delaying the best time for spraying, and grapes are most susceptible to disease
Tea is introverted and inclusive. It has the faint and leisurely feeling of "collecting the daisy under the east fence and seeing the Nanshan leisurely". It also has the elegant feeling of "quiet test just like the snow on the lake, and the taste of the people in the middle of the la
Second, strict disinfection of mushroom house to prevent pests and diseases mushroom house disinfection can be used in two ways, one is in the mushroom package before entering the mushroom house fumigation with drugs, and the second is the summer mushroom room, you can peel off the film, exposure
In the apple flowering period, the incidence of mycotic disease is the highest. The flowering period is also the peak of the occurrence of powdery mildew, spotted deciduous disease, aphids, and spider mites. The prevention and control methods are as follows: 1. Spray 800 times of new high fat film
I. Overview Swine dysentery, also known as swine blood stasis, is a serious intestinal infectious disease caused by pathogenic swine fever spirochaete, also known as blood stasis. The main clinical symptoms were severe mucinous and mucous hemorrhagic chancre. The acute type was mainly hemorrhagic
The environment requires different rooster feathers to grow slowly, and hen feathers grow faster. Therefore, the temperature requirements of the roosters are higher than that of the hens in the early period, and lower than that of the hens in the later period; the rooster has a larger body weight t
Chili pepper disease mainly damages the leaves, fruits and stems, especially the stem base is most likely to occur. At the seedling stage, many infections began from the base of the stem. The diseased part showed water-stained soft rot. The lesions were dark green and the diseased part was lodging
Physical detoxification removes moldy or damaged kernels, removes the skin or germs of the more toxin-containing grains, or rinses with water, or reduces exposure to toxins or toxicity through sun exposure, radiation, and heating. Chemical detoxification Some mycotoxins can be degraded by some ch