Non-weaned lambs often develop sporadic erythema at the mouth, lips, gums, gums, and gradually develop into papules or nodules, which in turn form blisters or pustules. Afterwards, the lambs are continuously thickened, and part or the entire mouth is everted. The mulberry swells and turns into a da
Many farmyard manure pests, such as cockroaches, insects, etc., do not deal with or improper handling, pests will multiply, after application will harm the crops. Chicken and duck dung were flattened, dried, and crushed, with 1 kg of phoxim per cubic meter. After mixing, it is piling up into a circ
After nearly five years of hard work, the China Academy of Agricultural Sciences has made important progress in the "China's Crop Gene Resources and National Major Scientific Projects for Gene Improvement." As one of the major scientific projects in 10 countries during the “Nint
The crow is a deciduous arbor or shrub of the province's oyster family. It has a beautiful tree shape, a crown-shaped stretch, a dark green leaf color, and an elegant, flowery and elegant flower. It can be said to be visible and rewarding. It is a great use. Potential ornamental plants. The cro