1. Control fertilizers and control water. If nitrogen fertilizer is used in excess and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are insufficient, it is easy to make the plants long, and the use of fertilizer and water is not properly mastered during the period of use, and it is easy to cause leggy. If
Now that the weather is hot, Zui has received many enquiries from the electroplating company's chiller. Many customers are very upset when buying chillers. It is obvious that the liquid in the electroplating industry is definitely corrosive. If the liquid is directly into the chiller. If you us
High-efficient chicken feeding method is to divide the total amount of feed fed all day, so as to stimulate the appetite of the chickens, speed up the feeding speed, reduce the feed wave praise, and cultivate the law of feeding to achieve better growth. The purpose of development. The mid-term to
Atractylodes hirsutum is a major disease in the seedling stage, and the incidence is heavier at low temperature and rain. The victim plant first appeared yellow-brown lesions on the base of the stem, and then the lesions gradually expanded, showing dark brown shrinkage and shrinkage, and the diseas
The quality of tractor repairs depends not only on the equipment of the repair outlets, but more importantly on the technical quality of the repair technicians. The tractor is of good quality and plays an important role in the tractor's high efficiency, high quality, low consumption and safe w
1. The use of basal mustard is preferred because it must be rich in organic matter. Therefore, a sufficient amount of organic fertilizer must be applied before site preparation. Generally, farmyard manure or piled-up municipal waste can be used, and then plant ash and superphosphate can be added.