Both men and women should pay attention to the cleanliness of the external genitalia. Every night, both sides should wash the vulva with warm water. Men should turn the foreskin up and wash away the dirt inside the foreskin and the coronary sulcus; women should wash th
To cultivate Lamei, you need to master the following technologies: 1 colonization. Due to the fear of the wind, Xili Yang should choose a leeward, sunny, well-drained plot. The time of planting is suitable for winter and spring. When planting, seedlings can barely pick some mud. For more than 3 y
The author conducted surveys and statistics on several pig farms and found that such a rule: Sub-pigs with fat feeds are well developed and have high disease resistance. Especially the pigs with a lower birth weight are more effective. The basic reasons for the improvement of feed efficiency by fa
Goose liver is a precious food, in addition to the aforementioned various factors, the influence of processing technology can not be ignored, to take specific processing methods in order to get the most high-quality fatty liver. (1) Liver goose slaughter liver 1) slaughter. The slaughtering of f
● Growing habits of licorice, alias sweet grass root, red licorice, grass. For legumes. Root and rhizome medicine. There are detoxification, lungs and cough, spleen Qi and reconcile the role of various drugs. Licorice is mostly grown in the temperate regions of the north, with plains, mounta
Zhengzhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is: domestic electronic balance, German Sartorius electronic balance, Swiss METTLER electronic analytical balance, American Ohaus electronic balance, Japan Shimadzu electronic balance, the United States SEAT electronic balanc
It is difficult to identify the male and female kissing fish and observe carefully. In general, the male has a slender body and a slightly enlarged anal fin. The maternity color appears during the breeding period. The body color turns from flesh red to purple and it is shiny and shiny. The female
Jing tea is a tea unique to Zhejiang. In addition to West Lake Longjing tea area, Chunan, Linan also has a small amount of production. In 1960, some high-end Longjing teas were expanded in Fuyang, Xiaoshan, and Yuhang. The annual output was 250 tons. In 1965, in order to maintain the reputation of
One, rotation down. The sick fields should be made every year, and the sick fields should be rotated for 3 to 5 years. Rotation crops are grass crops such as wheat and corn. Second, soil treatment. The severely rotted fields and peanuts should be treated with soil before sowing. The use of 50% ca