At present, the increase in aquatic products has become an important source of income for coastal aquaculture farmers. Shellfish seafood production and breeding is because of its high market value and obvious benefits, which are favored by farmers. It is an important culture species that can use sh
Cage culture has the advantages of low fixed investment, low labor intensity, large or small scale, easy operation and management, fast fish growth, fewer diseases, flexible and convenient catching, etc. It is a high yield, high efficiency and large application potential. The method is the main dir
First, the main diseases and prevention and treatment is expected this spring vegetables will likely outbreak diseases may include downy mildew, bacterial leaf spot disease, disease, anthrax, powdery mildew, blight. Among them, downy mildew, bacterial angular spot, epidemic disease, and wilt diseas
Spring is the best breeding season for ducklings in the year. Spring ducklings have less disease, rapid growth, easy feeding, good management, and high economic returns. But in the rearing must pay attention to the following aspects: First, pay attention to insulation, avoid hot and cold. Early hat
In the mountains, the wild grasses growing on the fields and on the slopes of the fields, as well as the leaves and crops of most crops, are the feed for rabbits. In order to make effective use of these abundant natural grasses, we can classify them into three major categories based on the characte
1. If the lateral tilt is needed, the bed should be placed horizontally when installing. If you want to adjust paralyzed patient hospital bed height, the lateral bed should be lowered to a horizontal position, many paralyzed patient care bed have this functions, and it is used frequently, for
Reserve pigs refer to the end of the breeding period and are initially reserved for male and female sows before the first breeding. The task of breeding replacement pigs is to obtain a stable, well-developed breeder with breed characteristics and high breeding value. First, the selection of spare p
Pregnant female rabbits should be clearly marked and should not be easily caught and touched; generally do not inject vaccines, do not use large amounts of drugs, do not feed in groups, and do not feed toxic forage (such as cottonseed cakes, moldy materials, and pesticides). Grass) to control the f
The mechanical covering technology refers to a mechanized operation technique in which the agricultural filming operation is performed by machinery. The corn film covers the cultivation, which has the effects of increasing temperature, preventing cold damage, protecting leeches, and suppressing pes
l, feeding conditions. Yuan Yuan likes to live in loose, moist, humus-rich loose soil, its adaptability is very strong, as long as maintain a certain temperature and humidity, can be raised everywhere. 2, three-dimensional factory feeding. The equipment used by the cultivator is relatively simple,