Salt storage Store wet foods in a dry, well-ventilated location in the warehouse. Dissolve coarse sea salt evenly on wet grains. A concentration of 0.75% saline can prevent germination, and 0.1% salt water can prevent mildew and wet food. The higher the water content is, the higher the concentratio
The multi-flavored tomato soup is a kind of sweet, sour and spicy compound taste, bright color, and beautiful appearance. It is made from tomato as raw material, supplemented with sugar, ginger mud, acid and other auxiliary materials, and obtained through a reasonable sugar infiltration process. Ve
Cotton sparse cultivation has the following characteristics: First, labor. Each mu has less nutrition than in previous years, and the transplanting speed has also been increased by 1 time, which has eased labor conflicts. The strength of pruning has been reduced, and the operation of leafing branch
1. The reason for pump cavitation is at the inlet of the pump, because of the vacuum formed by the high water absorption, and the impeller is placed at a high speed, which often causes the pressure at the place to be very low, thereby providing conditions for the vaporization of water. When the pre
"Cockroach" has always been a precious folk medicine. According to Li Shizhong's "Compendium of Materia Medica" and domestic medical experts and folk clinical experience, the treatment of stubborn diseases has unparalleled effects with other drugs. Such as ascites, hepatitis
The raw hides that have just been peeled off from the body of a rex rabbit contain a lot of water, protein and fat and are excellent media for the propagation of various microorganisms. If they are not treated in time, they may spoil and deteriorate and affect the quality of fur. At present, the co
Extrusion technology can provide special feeds for fisheries and aquaculture. The fish feed can be customized as sinking material, buoyant material, and only suitable equipment is needed. The appropriate extrusion procedure in production is used. In the past five years, the commercial aquaculture d
When the fish fry inflated (ie, see the waist point out, the yolk sac basically disappeared), when you can take the initiative to feed and swim freely, you can go to the pond. When the color seedlings and ponds are used, it should be noted that the pond water temperature does not differ much from t
At present, the lean meat percentage of local pig breeds in China is only about 41%, and the binary crossbred pigs produced through mating of imported boars with local sows are then produced by mating the binary crossbred sows with foreign boars. Three-way hybrid pigs have lean meat percentages of