1, to peel: Walnut from late August to early September began to mature, when the peel from dark green to yellow-green or light yellow, part of the total crack and a small number of fruit drop, you can harvest for processing. Peeled walnuts cannot be sun-dried. Dried walnuts are not easy to peel. Wa
First, improve the choice of varieties of high quality and high yield of peanut varieties, such as Huayu No. 17, Huayu No. 16, 8130 and so on. Second, the formula fertilization of peanuts in the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium ratio of 1.1:1:1.1. According to this ratio, the general p
In pig production, the utilization of heterosis has been regarded as one of the important measures for producing fast-growing provincial-scale commercial pigs, and it is an effective means to increase the economic benefits of raising pigs. According to the current status of pig improvement in our p
One, look at the food tank yak did not eat the feed in the net food tank on the rise slowly walk away, this shows that the yaks feed too much (4 weeks old yak has not yet developed the habit of eating feed, each time There will be some feed left in the feeding trough after feeding; if the bottom of
In general, the quality indicators of counterfeit seeds are poor, such as poor purity, poor color, moisture exceeding national standards, and low germination rates. When purchasing, consumers should pay attention to the following points: First, check whether the seeds are the same size and length.
(1) ginger. 1Materials: Choose large, uniform, full, full, no damage, no deterioration, no frostbite, ginger as raw material, can not use water ginger and mother ginger. 2Creation points; Cleaning, scraping the skin: After the selected ginger is rinsed in clean water, carefully wipe the skin with a
Tractor can take the following measures to prevent theft: First, turn off the fuel tank switch off: After parking, shut down the fuel tank switch in time, so that the fuel tank to stop the oil supply, the vehicle can not start. 2. Plug the vent hole of the fuel tank cap: Unscrew the fuel tank cap,
Seed pumpkin cultivation techniques, a reasonable rotation. Pumpkin must not be weighed, nor can it be plucked. The system of rotation for more than four years should be practiced, and the cucurbitaceae, cruciferous and solanaceous crops must not be used as front rakes. Second, choose deep plowing.