Currently, no single technology, feed additive, or management measures can cost-effectively promote piglet growth like antibiotics. Evidence from the production system shows that in the absence of antibiotics, some combination of methods is needed to replace the antibiotics to promote growth of pi
Because of the blockiness and hardiness of the beancakes, it is difficult for pigs to eat. Some pig farmers have taken measures to make bubbles in water. If you don't drink every time you feed it, you will not have any harm to the pig when you feed it on the same day. However, if you soak in th
The fattening of yaks usually goes through three periods, namely, adaptation period, meat increase period and fattening period. First, the adaptation period begins 30 days after weaning of calves, first use drugs for deworming, fasting per kg body weight fed levamisole 6 ~ 10 grams, can also be f
In late autumn, it is the season of silage and sweet potato silage. After silage and sweet potato silage are ensiled, lactic acid bacteria grow and reproduce rapidly under conditions of appropriate moisture, carbohydrates, and anoxic conditions, and large amounts of ethanol and lactic acid are prod