An important factor constraining the development of the feedlot industry and the low effect of raising pigs is the shortage of green fodder. Practice has proved that pig farmers can plan to provide greenery for the four seasons, as long as they plan a green feed planting area of ​​abo
1. Mesh basket production must be matched and properly calculated based on 100,000 grains per mu. Each cage needs 400mm diameter (preferably 350mm), and 8-10 layers of cages (near 15-20mm). . At the same time, it is necessary to raise 3 mm and 5 mm small seedlings for raising cages, 30 and 20 respe
——Summary of the application of Yishuisu Aquatic Products The maturity of Zhang Lianrun’s introduction, breeding, and breeding of Zhangzhou Run’s series of technologies has prompted the aquaculture industry to develop at an astonishing rate, bringing with it tremendous e
Recently, many crab farmers wanted to learn about the prevention and control of deadly limbs in river crabs through this newspaper. According to Yang Xia, a fishery engineer from Ninghe County, crab rotten limbs usually occur from May to August every year. The main symptoms are the decay of the int
Millet white incidence is a common disease in China's millet production areas, the general incidence rate of 5% to 10%, up to 50% of individual plots. In recent years, the disease has picked up and is an important disease in the millet production areas. I. Symptoms and occurrence of millet whit
Comparing the broilers on commercial broilers with the use of thick litter on the ground, there are three major advantages: 1 The use of hen houses can be highly utilized to increase the stocking density; 2 It can be kept dry and hygienic, and the morbidity and mortality of broilers can be reduced;
I. Feeding characteristics (1) Savings and convenience The feed and management of ingot chicken is the same as that of chickens. Due to its small size, feed intake is correspondingly small. Compared with ordinary chickens, it can save more than 40% of feed, half of the grain, meat ratio 1:3, and th
Goose As a kind of grain-saving herbivorous poultry, the economic benefits of geese are to a certain extent (such as small-scale feeding) or in some cases (such as the fattening of geese). However, due to various reasons, the growth rate of the geese industry is slow, especially the efficiency of l
Feeding practices have shown that red, green, blue light and other light colors have certain adverse effects on the physiology and growth of chickens. The negative effects of these light colors can not only affect the growth and weight gain of the chicken, but also reduce the chicken's egg prod
These forage grass fed rabbits can choose to use chicory, ryegrass, bitter leeks, grass hibiscus, wolfberry king, pennisetum, etc., among which, especially chicory is better. Chicory is a perennial herb of the Asteraceae family and is resistant to cold and heat. It does not require strict soil requ