A bogey to remove the grass to feed. Freshly removed ammoniated grass has ammonia smell. Before feeding, it should be spread out in a cool and ventilated place for 10-24 hours. After the ammonia smell is not stimulated, it should be fed. Pay attention to the grass and do not dry it to dry it, so as
Maize shoots are vegetable corn - the young ear of sweet corn. The edible parts are the ear tips of young female ears, cobs and growth cones. The taste is sweet and delicious. Corn shoots are rich in protein, amino acids, dietary fiber, and vitamin E. It is an excellent natural green nutrition dish
The cool climate of Chinese cabbage grows best when the average temperature is 18 to 20 degrees Celsius and sunny, and it can tolerate minus 2 to minus 3 degrees Celsius for a short time. Dark green varieties are not heat-resistant. The root group of milk cabbage is light, and its absorption capaci
Fermented bed chicken (duck) What is a fermented bed chicken? Fermented bed chicken (also known as ecological chicken, indigenous chicken) refers to the method of raising chickens on a fermentation bed made of sawdust, rice hulls, straw and other materials, so as to achieve zero discharge of fec
Fermentation Bed Winter Handling Precautions Winter management is the most troublesome in pig house management because of the need for ventilation and insulation. These two points are often in conflict. For example, the ventilation assembly causes a sharp drop in the temperature of the pig house, c
The warm rabbit house should sit north to south. Before the winter, it is necessary to conduct a general survey of the rabbit house. The glass or nail film is installed on the window. The grass (cotton) curtain is hung at the entrance and the loopholes and gaps must be promptly repaired to prevent
Skin-removal is the most important link in the production of fur animals. A well-grown animal can adversely affect the value and quality of fur if it is not properly skinned. Therefore, peeling must be strictly carried out according to the quality requirements of the leather. 1, take time Most of
The cultivation of winter vegetables is faced with great challenges. Insulation work is particularly important. If the protection is not good, some plants may freeze to death. Generally, measures such as greenhouses and heat lamps are used, but they consume electricity and have high costs. Some st