When the stipe of mushroom grows to 13-15 cm and the cap of the mushroom does not exceed 2 cm, it must be timely harvested. If harvesting when the young mushroom is not fully elongated, the yield is low and the economic benefit is poor. If the cap is fully expanded or lifted upwards, the output wil
Goose physique is weak, especially goslings before 7 days old, poor adaptability to the environment. Therefore, how to raise young goslings is an important basic work for high-yield and high-efficient geese. To achieve the desired result, you must have three good levels: (1) Open water and open fo
At present, there are some new problems in pond fish farming. In terms of output, although there has been a significant increase, there are still some ponds with large potential for yield increase. From the point of view of aquaculture species, oysters, oysters, grasses, and alfalfa account for 90%
At present, the lean meat percentage of local pig breeds in China is only about 41%, and the binary crossbred pigs produced by mating foreign boars with local sows and the binary crossbred sows and foreign boars produce three Yuan hybrid pigs, the lean meat percentage of up to 50% or even more than
Cold damage during the winter wheat will have a certain impact on the yield, production should be based on the prevention of measures to take precautions. The timely remedial action after the occurrence of frost damage can reduce the loss of production. There are several factors that cause frost d
Chemical processing is mainly applied to roughage containing more crude fiber, including alkali treatment and acid treatment of coarse material. The purpose is to soften the fiber of the plant feed, or further decompose part of the fiber to improve the palatability and digestibility of the feed. A
Watermelon bean pods are mellow, soft and refreshing, with a long aftertaste and sweet back. They have a strong aroma of ester and a strong scent of sauce. They are very popular with consumers. Its nutrient-rich, analyzed, amino acid 0.76%, total acid 2.79%, chloride 11.93%, 10.8% reducing sugar, m
Chrysanthemum cake is called from the shape, the appearance is more beautiful, after baking the cake after loosening, the crisp layer rolled up, like chrysanthemum petals, cake surface with crystal small particles. This product method is relatively simple, and can meet the aesthetic requirements.
A team at the University of Connecticut said on the 12th that they inserted a gene from Arabidopsis thaliana into tomatoes to produce highly resistant transgenic tomato plants. Scientists said that this result may have important implications for the world's agriculture. University of Connecticu