One should apply early and reapply Miaofei in two applications. The first time after transplanting live plants (live rapeseed after Dingmiao), generally from early November to late November, reapply nitrogen fertilizer to apply Urea 5 to Mushi. 6 kilograms is appropriate; the second time in mid-De
Greenhouse vegetable planting is in a semi-closed state. There is less gas exchange inside and outside the shed. In the production process, vegetables are often damaged due to harmful gases. Therefore, in the production process, serious identification, correct diagnosis, and timely prevention shou
1. Pruning: According to the survey, pruning once in the second generation of cotton bollworm at the right time will reduce the number of eggs per 100 eggs by 40%-60%. In the second-generation cotton bollworm eradication cotton field, field eggs, insects inventory decreased by 38% -54.5%, with an
Seedling substrate selection criteria Whether it is the production of vegetables or flower seedlings, the nursery substrate is a key factor in the production of high quality products. The function of the nursery substrate should be similar to that of the soil so that the plant can better adapt to t
In most swine-breeding enterprises in China, the direction of the building is mostly north-south. It is mainly affected by the orientation of our human residences. Due to the geographical location of our country, the sunlight is not perpendicularly directed, but it is exposed to the southerly direc
First, the symptoms Bud blight usually occurs in the vicinity of the second and third spikelets of the plant. Axillary buds of the diseased plant showed longitudinal joints and formed cracks. They were vertical one-shaped or "Y"-shaped. The edges of the cracks were sometimes not neat, b