First, the cow signs of pregnancy after mating, no longer show estrus, docile temperament, increased appetite, fat hair, usually can be considered pregnant. Such as vaginal examination, cows one month after mating, when the opener inserted into the vagina, the resistance is obvious, there is a sens
Due to the adaptability, the track-type harvester has advantages such as strong wheel type, good harvesting quality, and high profitability, and is increasingly favored by a large number of users. However, some operators have improperly operated, which seriously reduces work efficiency and quality.
According to the physiologic characteristics of broilers, broilers use sweat-free glands, and antipyretic analgesics are not ideal for heat stress; broilers lack sufficient cholinesterase reserves and are very sensitive to anticholinergic drugs, so it is best to use left-handed swabs to repel broi
Interlaced corn in summer sowing is a simple method of pollinating female tassels using the pollen of adjoining rows or surrounding tassels. Efforts to increase production. Generally, it can increase grain output by 30-50 kilograms. Why can corn intercalation increase yield? There are three main r
The yellowing of rice leaves is a common phenomenon. The symptoms are mainly in the following situations. Care should be taken to distinguish them and prevent and treat them. 1. Toxic yellowing 1 H2S poisoning. The roots were black and smelled of rotten eggs. The white roots were small and weak; t
1. When did estrus match? In general, estrus mating occurs between February and March. The difference in latitude in different regions of the country is slightly ahead of schedule and delayed in the beginning of estrus. In late Heilongjiang Province, estrus was assigned in late January, Jilin and
In hot summer weather, tractors are mishandled in high temperature environments and are prone to accidents. The following items should be observed during use: 1, the correct use of temperature control device. Some drivers often remove the thermostat in summer, which will greatly prolong the warm-
The use of open-type breeding for farmed chickens is very easy to cause feed wastage. In the production process, our base mainly takes the following measures to prevent feed wastage: 1. Scientifically select feed troughs or drums to reasonably control the amount of feed. As the free-range chickens