In the summer, it is the prime time for the growth and development of most flowers and plants, and it is also a critical period for management. 1. Shade Most potted plants such as June Snow, Camellia, Rhododendron, Clivia, etc. can not withstand the direct light of the summer, should put the potte
The double-mass vibrating fluidized bed dryer is a new-generation large-scale vibrating fluidized bed dryer developed by Shenyang Yitong Entrepreneur Technology Co., Ltd. of Northeastern University. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and excellent performance, especially it is d
Dry arid seedlings are commonly used as a means of raising rice in rice production. However, in the actual operation, the occurrence of blight is the most annoying issue for grain farmers. Because blight is the most common and most likely cause of devastating disasters in the production of dry seed
"The dog rolls three times and the fairy stands unsteadily." "This winter, dog meat supplement, the next spring to fight the tiger." These sayings vividly illustrate the strong aroma and delicious taste of dog meat, which has high nutritional value and nourishing medicinal value
As the temperature climbs, summer has arrived. June is a key season for aquaculture production. Temperatures and water temperatures will continue to increase throughout the country, and rainfall will increase, and sunshine hours will increase significantly. Fish, shrimp, crabs, clams, shellfish and
According to GB3543-83 of the National Agricultural Crop Inspection Regulations, pepper seed germination beds are gauze or filter paper, and the germination potential is calculated as 6 days, and the germination rate is 14 days. In the gauze or filter paper method, the moisture is not easy to contr