A new generation of large vibrating fluidized bed dryer

The double-mass vibrating fluidized bed dryer is a new-generation large-scale vibrating fluidized bed dryer developed by Shenyang Yitong Entrepreneur Technology Co., Ltd. of Northeastern University. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and excellent performance, especially it is difficult to dry on other drying equipment. The materials and obvious energy-saving characteristics, so the machine is widely used in various drying applications for petrochemical, fine chemicals, medicine, food, grain and oil, feed, salt, seafood processing and ultra-fine drying And other fields.

The double-mass vibrating fluidized bed dryer is mainly composed of an upper chamber, a bellows, a base, a fluidized bed and the like. The upper chamber and the bellows form a upper body, and the bottom is a lower body. The upper and lower bodies are connected by a leaf spring and a coil spring, and the lower body and the base are separated by a rubber cushion to vibrate, and the bellows is box-shaped at the rear. Vibrator.

The box type vibration exciter is coupled by the drive shaft, and is dragged by the motor to generate a horizontal excitation force. The plate spring (resonance spring) acts to generate a vertical component and a horizontal component, and the vertical direction. The component force throws up the material on the nozzle plate together with the hot air passing through the nozzle plate, so that the material is in a fluidized state, and the horizontal component force causes the material to be conveyed forward at a certain speed, and is discharged through the overflow weir and the discharge hopper. Thereby completing the drying operation. The excitation source is installed at the head of the equipment, which improves the stress of the whole equipment, and realizes the use of a dual-mass vibrating fluidized bed dryer instead of several ordinary vibrating beds in series, which reduces equipment investment and engineering. The cost and advanced vibration structure ensure the synchronous vibration of the width and length of the large vibration bed, which solves the problem of drift and channel flow of the ordinary double motor vibration bed.

Due to the increase of the length and the increase of the area, the residence time of the material is greatly prolonged, which is beneficial to the deep drying of the large particle material, and the application of the vibration and the reduction of the fluidization speed are beneficial to reduce the wear and keep the particles stable.

The high frequency vibration makes the hot air distribution more uniform and improves the heat transfer efficiency of hot air and wet materials. At the same time, the high-frequency vibration keeps the material of the bottom layer in the process of slow-feeding operation, avoiding the problems of local dead bed, wall accumulation, channel flow and turbulence of the static fluidized bed, which can make the double-mass vibrate. The fluidized bed dryer can be applied to the drying of viscous polymers and viscous organics.

The distribution board is covered with a blister-like hood, which can generate horizontal airflow, reduce contact and overheating of the product with the dryer floor, and high-speed shearing effect on large particles to ensure uniform fluidization. When the dryer is parked, the product staying in the fluidization chamber is prevented from falling into the pressure equalizing bellows. The level in the dryer can be adjusted by the weir to keep the level unchanged during the drying process. The observation window is located on both sides of the fluidization chamber to facilitate the observation of fluidization in the chamber.

Application areas:

MBS, ABS, adipic acid, polyacrylamide, acrylamide crystal, polytetrafluoroethylene, phenolic resin, nylon, polypropylene resin, polyester chips, polyvinyl chloride, soda ash, salt, ammonium nitrate, potassium carbonate, potassium chlorate, chlorine Potassium, potassium nitrate, potassium phosphate, potassium sulfate, fermented feed, puffed pellet feed, organic fertilizer, alcohol residue, antibiotic residue, garbage, etc.

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Desizing enzyme's characteristics: high efficiency, suitable for high temperature, fast desizing speed, desizing rate can reach 90% to 95%. The fabric is soft, plump, smooth, bright staining  after desizing. Desizing and fixation can treated in the same bath treatment. It can shorten the process flow and improve labor productivity. 

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Complete removal of all types of starch-based sizes
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This product should be stored in a cool and dry place in sealed container, avoiding insolation, high temperature and damp.  The product has been formulated for optimal stability. Extended storage or adverse conditions such as higher temperature or higher humidity may lead to a higher dosage requirement.

Enzyme preparations belong to protein, which may induce sensitization and cause anaphylaxis in sensitized individuals. Long-term exposure may cause minor irritation for skin, eyes or nasal mucosa, so any direct contiguity with human body should be avoided. If irritation or allergic response for skin or eyes develops, consult a doctor.

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