After the end of the autumn silkworm mulberry garden early "closed pest"

Since the beginning of autumn this year, the weather conditions have been favorable to mulberry plant diseases and insect pests, especially in the ulnar bugs. The damage to the ulmes was mainly in the early stage, and the damage was mainly in the late mulberry culm. The amount of field production was more than twice that of the same period of last year, and the plague was larger. . At present, the silkworms have entered the late stage of production in late autumn. In order to reduce the number of mulberry pests' overwintering pests, the mulberry gardens should be used for the purpose of “closing pest control”.

Diseases and Insect Situation According to the investigation in mid-October, the mulberry was mostly in the 3-5 instar period, and it was the overwintering pest, with 310-3050 worms per mu, with an average of 939 heads; the mulberry ulnar larvae were mainly 2-3 instar larvae per acre. There are 3333-8888 heads of insects, with an average of 6600 heads, and the 3rd instar larvae of the head insects, with 44 to 100 heads per mu, with an average of 49 heads, and 0-167 heads per mu, with an average of 53 heads. ; The average incidence of mulberry disease is 21 per mu.

Prevention opinions (1) Chemical control. After the silkworms have been picked up in the late autumn, the mulberry field is promptly planted with "closed pests" and sprayed with 2.5% high-efficiency chlorofluorocypermethrin emulsifiable concentrate 2000-3000 times to spray on the cracks in the lower part of the mulberry tree and the weeds on the mulberry field. Kill the hidden pests. (2) Artificial control. Clean the mulberry field, timely weed the grass, remove the lower leaves of the branches, eliminate the pests in the weeds and the remaining leaves; trim the branches of the piles, and bring them out of the mulberry field to burn; kill the overwintering larvae of the mulberry, caterpillar, and ulnar pupa; Back to the mountain to disinfect the mulberry worm and mulberry maggot around the Jamsil.

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