After the harvest of Ginger, the garden was cleared

At the moment, the distance from the open-air Ginger harvested less than a month, here, I remind the majority of Jiangnong friends, after harvesting ginger, may wish to proceed with a "clean garden smoked." In recent years, there has been a serious obstacle in the weight of ginger fields, and the number of soil-borne pathogens has been increasing year after year. This has led to diseases in the roots and stems and multiple occurrences of root-knot nematode diseases. Ginger production and quality have been greatly affected. After the ginger is harvested, it will immediately be cleared in a garden, the ground temperature will be guaranteed, and the soil moisture will be more suitable to ensure a good fumigation effect. After the production practice of last year proved that this method is significantly better than the land treated before the next Qingming. The technical highlights of the Jiangtian Qingyuan Smoked Land are as follows: After ginger is harvested, the stubble, fallen leaves, and waste plastic film in the ginger field are cleared out together. Use a rotary cultivator to plow the plot and pound the ground to make a 50-70 cm bowl. The white mulch film with high light transmittance and strong aging resistance was selected to cover the surface of the saggers one by one, and the stencils were tightly pressed around. It was used to increase the land mass and prevent evaporation of liquid medicine. It is mainly based on Weibaimu soil fumigant. The amount of mu is 60~75kg. At one end of the plant, combine watering and flush with Shi Wei Bai Mu liquid to smoke the land. It is advisable to fumigate for 25 days or so, then remove the film and dry it.

  Peeled Garlic is favored in the catering industry for many reasons. The most important thing is that Peeled Garlic can greatly save the preparation time of ingredients. There is no need to remove the shell of the garlic with the skin, which saves time and ensures a clean food processing environment.


  Vacuum packaging garlic peeled

  Peeled Garlic / Fresh Peeled Garlic 
  Place of Origin :Jinxiang county, Shandong province, China
  Variety Peeled garlic 
  Infuse nitrogen gas: 5lbs x 4jar/ctn, 5lbs x 6bag/ctn, 1kg x 10/ctn, 500g x 20/ctn, 1LBS X 20JARS/CTN
  Vacuumize: 1kg x 10/ctn, 500g x 20/ctn
  Supply period All the year round
  Storage Condition :Temperature -1.5°C
  Shelf life :3-4 months
  Supply period :All the year round
  Certification : ISO GAP BRC HACCP
  Delivery Detail :Load within 10 days after confirm the order
  Capacity : 10 tons for 20'rh
                   25 tons for 40'rh

Peeled Garlic

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