Agricultural Machinery Clutch Correct Use Guide

First, try to start with a file. To obtain the maximum torque at the start, reduce the "overload" of the clutch.

Second, use "half linkage" as little as possible. The clutch should be discarded as soon as possible after each successful start and be as light and fast as possible when using each clutch.

Third, when using the clutch, the clutch pedal should be "stepped on" and "relaxed" to ensure complete separation and reliable engagement of the clutch. To ensure full contact between the clutch plate and the flywheel and pressure plate.

Fourth, a reasonable change of the throttle and gear, as far as possible not to use semi-separated approach to reduce speed; do not put on the clutch pedal during the ride, excessive use of semi-separation will make the separation of the bearing, the separation lever and the friction plate and other premature wear .

Fifth, to use a low gear when driving downhill, do not allow the car to free air gliding; when you use a differential to properly use the differential, differential lock, do not use the method of slamming the clutch pedal shock starting.

6. Do not put your foot on the clutch pedal when driving normally.

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