Agricultural machinery purchase needs to do

With the vigorous implementation of national policies, the boom in the purchase of farm machinery has continued. The majority of peasant friends actively buy their own farm machinery. The purchase of agricultural machinery requires a lot of savings, so you must choose carefully when you purchase it. The following points are tips when buying a farm machine:

First, check the data

Check carefully to see if you have a complete random file. When purchasing high value or importing agricultural machinery, the distributor shall also be required to present the inspection report of the inspection department of the agricultural machinery, import customs clearance procedures and product quality inspection forms.

Second, observe the appearance

Observe the appearance of agricultural machinery products carefully. Mainly from the vertical and horizontal angles to observe the entire machine with or without deformation, the appearance of the entire machine is not missing paint, severe scratches, blisters and other phenomena. Metal materials must be coated with anti-rust paint as primer, machine cover parts, sheet metal parts should be smooth and so on.

Third, check the assembly

Check the machine assembly in detail. Check whether the parts and components of the agricultural machinery are intact and error-free and whether the installation specifications are correct. All the rotating, transmission and operating devices of the machine operate flexibly without any stagnation. Have a reliable safety protection device. Any place on the machinery that may cause harm to the user's personal safety should be equipped with safety protection devices. There must be a permanent warning sign at the site of an accident.

Fourth, start the test

Be sure to conduct a startup test when purchasing machinery. Understand whether the performance is good, whether the engine works smoothly when the engine is working, whether the combustion condition and the engine sound are normal, and whether the direction, brake, throttle, etc. are sensitive and reliable. The high-speed operation of agricultural machinery (threshing machine, grinder) should pay special attention to the balance of the machine drum. A machine with a pressure vessel (motorised sprayer, etc.) should be tested to see if its liquid pump pressure has reached a specified value, if the safety valve is functioning, and if there is a leak in the piping and fittings.


Accurate pacing pulse recognition and automatic analysis

Manual, automatic, rhythm, and storage modes

Freezing function: 12 seconds electrocardiogram before and after freezing for back printing

Automatic mode: Review the electrocardiogram 10 seconds before printing, fast/save printing paper

Storage mode: Display parameters and diagnosis are not printed, and electrocardiogram is stored for playback.

AC/DC dual-purpose, built-in large container rechargeable lithium battery

Wide voltage can adapt to 75-265V,50/60Hz AC power supply

12 lead waveform display and 250 case storage (SD card is scalable )

USB and RS232 communication interfaces (ECGNET ECG management software can be selected)

USB host interface supports network transmission, external U disk and USB printer (optional)

High-accuracy thermal printing mechanism, supporting 210/215mm roll paper or 210mm folding paper

Resting ECG

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