Ammoniated grass has three bogey

A bogey to remove the grass to feed. Freshly removed ammoniated grass has ammonia smell. Before feeding, it should be spread out in a cool and ventilated place for 10-24 hours. After the ammonia smell is not stimulated, it should be fed. Pay attention to the grass and do not dry it to dry it, so as not to affect Ammonia effect.

Second bogey single feeding ammoniated grass. After ammoxidation of grass, energy and non-protein nitrogen content increase, but also with the bean cake, cottonseed cake, or legume fodder to ensure metabolic balance.

Three avoid excessive feeding. The beginning of feeding aminated grass should be from less to more, and gradually increase, with an adaptation period of 7-10 days, to replace the original fed grass, and to account for 2/3-4/5 of the total amount of daily forage grass, Mixing concentrates to increase the amount of energy feed such as corn, provide raw materials for rumen microbes to fully utilize non-protein nitrogen.

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