An agent to control three diseases of cucumber

When cucumber plants grow weakly, they can easily infect bacterial spot disease, which in turn leads to the occurrence of gray mold and downy mildew, resulting in a severe reduction in cucumber production. For these three diseases, chemical pesticides were used for prevention and treatment in the past, but the effects were not satisfactory and even poisoning occurred. In order to solve these problems, in recent years, based on the nutrition of cucumber plants, experts have developed a brown sugar fermentation broth that can not only prevent and control these three diseases, but also stimulate the growth of cucumber plants, prolong the harvest period of cucumber, and improve the quality of cucumber. Yield and quality.
Production of brown sugar fermentation broth: first dissolve 3 kg of brown sugar in 5 kg of clear water, add 100 g of white yeast, and put it in a container in a greenhouse or a greenhouse. Stir it once a day for about 20 days until it appears on the surface. Layer white film Serve.
How to use: Take 500ml brown sugar fermentation broth, 100g shochu and 100g rice vinegar. Add 50kg of clear water and mix. Before the onset of bacterial blight of cucumber, spraying once every 7 days, spraying 4 to 5 times continuously, each time the amount of liquid sprayed 50-75 kilograms per acre, you can receive a rule of law, three diseases, production, increase income The good results.

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