Analyze the problems that the biscuit machine will have in making cookies.

Whether it is early or snack, biscuits are a favorite snack. Friends who like to watch Korean dramas may have envied the scene of the female host who put their elaborate cookies in the box and gave them to the male owner. How romantic it is! If you want to have this romance, it is not difficult at all. If we have a small biscuit machine, this romance is also yours.

As long as we have a biscuit machine, we can make all kinds of biscuit graphics we want, but for those who have not been specially trained, there may be certain problems in using biscuit machine to make biscuits, such as biscuits not colored. , blistering, fragile and other issues, these are troublesome technical problems, how to solve it? Let's take a concrete analysis;

Biscuit blistering
The reasons may be: (l) the temperature in the front area of ​​the oven is too high, especially the surface temperature is too high. At this time, the temperature of the oven should be controlled not high at the beginning, and the surface temperature should be gradually increased; (2) dough elasticity Too big, when the gluten is blocked, the gas passage is not easy to dissipate, so that the surface is foamed. At this time, the elasticity of the dough should be reduced, and the mold with more needles should be used; (3) the agglomeration agent is not opened. At this time, it should be noted that the agglomerated agent of the agglomerate is pulverized and used; (4) When the surface is rolled, the flour is too much, and dusting or dusting should be avoided as much as possible.

Cookies are not colored
The reason may be that the sugar content in the formula is too small, and it is necessary to increase the amount of invert sugar or sweet sugar.

Biscuits taste rough
The reasons may be: (1) The powdering time is insufficient or too much. In this case, the maturity of the powder should be judged correctly and timely; (2) The dosage of the leavening agent in the formula is too little or too much, and the appropriate amount of the leavening agent should be adjusted. (3) The amount of oil and sugar in the formula is too small, and the amount of oil and sugar should be appropriately increased and the amount of phospholipid should be added.

Biscuits are brittle
The reasons may be: (1) about overexpansion of biscuits. Too loose, the amount of leavening agent should be reduced at this time; (2) too much starch and biscuit scraps are used in the ingredients, and the amount should be appropriately reduced.

From the analysis of the above reasons, it is not difficult to see that all must grasp a degree, as long as the degree is grasped, the use of biscuit machine to make biscuits is like taking a bag!

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