Anti-flu diet five principles

(1) Choose liquid foods that are easy to digest, such as vegetable soup, gruel, egg soup, tart, milk, etc.

(2) The diet should be light and greasy, not only meet the nutritional needs, but also increase appetite. Can provide white rice porridge, millet porridge, bean porridge, with sweet pickles, kohlrabi, mustard or fermented bean curd and other dishes, with light, refreshing is appropriate.

(3) to ensure the supply of water, you can drink acidic juices such as hawthorn juice, kiwi juice, red dates juice, fresh orange juice, watermelon juice, etc. to promote gastric secretion, increase appetite.

(4) Eat more foods containing vitamins C, E, and red, such as tomatoes, apples, grapes, dates, strawberries, beets, oranges, watermelons, milk, and eggs. Prevent the occurrence of colds.

(5) diet should be small meals. If the feverish appetite is better, it can be changed to a semi-liquid diet, such as noodle soup, clear chicken soup, long beard, oyster sauce, lotus root porridge, dried meat porridge, liver porridge, egg porridge.

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