Apple branches hang down and the output goes up

After twenty years of unremitting efforts, the fruit farmer Wang Chunyu of Yanhui Township, Yanyuan County, Shandong Province has invented a fruit tree weeping willow-type pruning technique that will produce 30,000 pounds of apples, an increase of 4 to 6 times that of ordinary orchards. The pruning techniques of weeds in fruit trees show several advantages.

First, the technology has solved the contradictory requirements of high yield, high quality and prosperous growth in the fruit tree management process. The traditional method of pruning is to cut away a large number of standing and prosperous branches. Although the control is prosperous, it also results in the loss of a lot of nutrients in the fruit trees. In the case of weeping willow pruning, it is a large number of branches that have been kept long and have reached a certain length. The upwardly erected shoots are twisted downward and fixed, and by changing the growth direction, they are converted from vegetative growth to reproductive growth as soon as possible. The nutrients of the shoots are transformed into fruit growth. In this way, the growth potential of the fruit tree is not destroyed, and the nutrient distribution of the fruit tree is changed, so that the large amount of nutrients that are wasted in the pruning process are retained in the traditional technology, and thus the fruit production and quality can be greatly improved.

Second, easy to learn, labor saving. As early as possible, the newly-built orchard will see fruit in three years, yield four years of high yield, and enter the peak of high yield four years in advance.

Third, the high yield, five-year yield of 15,000 kilograms per mu, eight years after the average yield of 20,000 kilograms per mu, Wang Chunqi after reforming in 2001 after five consecutive years of more than 20,000 kg per mu. In 2007, Shandong TV "Country Monsoon" challenged the acceptance of the Guinness project site. The yield per mu reached 27,600 jins, and in 2009 it was as high as 30,000 jins!

Fourth, the quality is good, the average sugar content is 16 to 17 degrees, the proportion of high-quality fruit accounts for 85.6%, and the fruit surface is very smooth and beautiful. It is also conducive to disease prevention and pest control, strong resistance to stress, stable tree vigor, and high yield and stable production for successive years.

5. The tree potential is novel, and the construction of a sightseeing picking garden is very promising. The weeping willow-shaped tree will result in branches like weeping willows, with the fruits hanging in rows on the branches, with a string of fifteen or six as many as a string of seven or eight. The shape of the bead curtain is quite ornamental and will be developed in large areas. Form a very attractive landscape.

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