Application of shielded electric pump in catalytic reforming unit

Shielded electric pumps are developed by the atomic energy industry for special requirements for no leakage. In recent years, the application of shielded electric pumps in the flammable and explosive petrochemical industry has gradually become widespread, and its technology has become increasingly mature.

There are several types of shielded electric pumps:

Basic type: The pump body is directly mounted on the motor flange and is suitable for general liquids.

Reverse cycle type: The pump body is directly mounted on the motor flange and is suitable for easy vaporization of liquid.

High temperature separation type: Suitable for high temperature liquids such as heat medium oil and hot water.

High melting point pump: selected for melting point high easy to crystallize liquid.

Mud sealed pump: suitable for conveying liquid mixed into mud.

Shielded electric pump is a special form of centrifugal pump, which is mainly composed of pump body, impeller, stator, rotor, front and rear guide bearings and pusher disc. The motor and the pump are integrated, and the surfaces of the stator and the rotor are respectively covered with a non-magnetic thin-walled material, and the rotor is supported by the front and rear guide bearings and immersed in the medium to be transported. The rotor shaft end is equipped with an impeller to form a shaftless seal structure for the purpose of leak-free transportation. The high-pressure liquid discharged from the impeller acts as a circulating coolant to remove heat. According to the different conveying medium, the circulating cooling is divided into three types: positive circulation, reverse circulation and outer circulation.

Since the reforming medium transports the medium except for hydrogen, which is mainly liquefied petroleum gas of naphtha, the basic type, reverse circulation type and LPG above-ground pump can be selected on the reforming unit, and the process requirements are met from the use situation. .

The shielded electric pump is provided with a bearing wear detecting system, and a pair of completely symmetrical coils are wound on the two stator teeth of the opposite space 1800, and when the rotor rotates, a potential of a phase difference of 1800 is induced. When the bearing is working normally, the fundamental waves of the two windings have the same magnitude and opposite directions, so the signal connected to the measuring instrument of the electrical junction box only shows the difference of the harmonics, and the pointer is in the green zone. When the bearing wear increases, the harmonics and fundamental differences between the coils increase significantly, causing the pointer to be biased toward the yellow or red zone, alerting the operator to take action. In addition, the direction of rotation of the shielded electric pump can also be detected automatically.

The investment cost of a shielded electric pump is relatively large, but the maintenance cost is much lower than that of a general mechanical seal pump. The wear life of the shielded electric pump (guide bearing) is generally 12 months, while the average service life of the mechanical seal is 4 months. According to the cumulative cost of 5 years, the use of shielded electric pump and the use of mechanical seal pump The total cost is roughly equal. Zepu Petrochemical Plant's reforming unit uses 12 shielded electric pumps to prove that the shielded electric pump has the promotion value in eliminating leakage, reducing maintenance costs, ensuring safe production and improving comprehensive economic benefits.

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