Application of vacuum packaging machine in cooked food

Application of vacuum packaging machine in cooked food

In view of the market demand for cooked foods, it is very important for products to be packaged for conditions such as preservation of products, extension of product shelf life, ease of storage and portability. In the field of packaging machinery, the emergence of vacuum packaging machines solved all the problems.

Principle of use:

The vacuum packaging machine uses a composite film or a plastic aluminum foil composite film as a packaging material, and can vacuum package various meat products. Due to the high degree of vacuum inside the bag, it can effectively prevent product deterioration, achieve the functions of quality preservation, preservation, taste preservation and color retention, prolong the storage period of the product, and at the same time reduce the packaging volume after vacuum packaging for some soft items. Easy to transport and store.

Vacuum packaging machine steps:

1. Turn on the power, turn on the power switch, and set the vacuum time according to the requirements of the vacuum packed cooked food products.

2. The material of each vacuum bag is different, and the sealing temperature and sealing time can be set according to the material.

3. Put the packaged product on the sealing strip of the vacuum packaging machine

4. Press down the vacuum cover to start vacuuming

5. When a certain degree of vacuum is reached, enter the sealing procedure

6. After the sealing is finished, enter the cooling state, then deflate, and the product packaging is completed.

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