Aquarium fish breeding "heating"

At present, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. The ornamental fish with a good market has also become a bright spot for farmers in the suburbs and counties of this Municipality, but the high temperatures cause great trouble. City aquatic experts warned that after the temperature is higher than normal temperature, it is necessary to pay attention to ornamental fish to “shelve off the heat,” and especially to be alert to the hypoxia of ornamental fish and the threat of “hot-tail”. Well, in today's "science and technology through train" column, I will introduce to you how to "hospitalize" the cultivation of ornamental fish: Summer is the peak season for the growth and development of ornamental fish. Generally, it is less sick, but after the temperature is higher than normal temperature, it should also be timely. The temperature of the ornamental fish is "relaxed." According to the person in charge of the Bureau of Science and Education of the Municipal Bureau of Aquatic Products, peasant farmers should actively work on the heat preservation of ornamental fish. The main measure is to deepen the water level to 35 to 40 cm, and try to keep the water temperature within 30 degrees Celsius so that the ornamental fish can infiltrate into the lower temperature. The deep "summer". Thorough decontamination, frequent water changes, and the use of shaded nets or drapes can slow down the rise in water temperature, maintain relatively high levels of dissolved oxygen in the water, and inhibit the proliferation of phytoplankton. This is to prevent the "floating head" and "avoiding" of ornamental fish. Hot tail" is an effective method. In addition, if the fish is reared in the open air, it is raining or after adding water, the original pool water is not too old but must be changed completely. Because when the water flows into the surface of the fish pond, its temperature is lower than the temperature of the pool water before the rain. At this time, the bottom water will rise, so that the up-and-down convection will cause the waste in the pool to ups and downs. In severe cases, there will be “floating head” or "Boring cylinder."

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