Astragalus membranaceus and its seed cultivation

"June Yellow Ginseng Race Ginseng", Huang Wei because of its tender and delicious, almost no intermuscular thorns, high nutritional value and loved by people, and "sputum, loach" collectively referred to as "freshwater three parameters." Currently, Astragalus membranaceus mainly relies on capturing from the natural world and cannot meet people's needs. The most critical problem for artificial breeding of Astragalus is the difficulty of seed origin, so artificial propagation and seedling cultivation of Astragalus are particularly important.
1. Selecting and nurturing relatives that are currently used for breeding are harvested from reservoirs and lakes using fishing tools such as cages and clams. Because there is a unique sexual reversal phenomenon in Astragalus, 100% discrimination between male and female has a certain degree of difficulty. General male body length chooses 40cm or more, 50cm or so is best, and female body length chooses about 25cm. Intimate body requirements for a robust shape, bright yellow body color, lower abdomen enlargement and soft, ovarian contours, abdomen was light orange, red genital hole swollen.
The female and male fertile cubs were separately cultivated at the ratio of 2:1 or 3:1. After the pro-chondrite pool was cleaned and sterilized, 20-25 pro-casps were released per square meter. After artificial breeding of cocoon and other animal foods, during the cultivation period, attention should be paid to infusing new water, adjusting the water quality, and keeping the water depth of 10-25cm better. Change the water twice a week, changing the water for 1/3 each time to ensure long Time micro-flowing water is conducive to the normal development of gonads.
Second, oxytocin and hatching
1. Aphrodisiac spawning: When the water temperature reaches 25-28 degrees Celsius, the production is induced by the injection of human chorionic gonadotropin solution, 400-500 international units (IV) are injected per female, and the male quail is halved. The injection method is intraperitoneal injection. The effect is good and the effect time is short.
After intimal injection, the female and male prostitutes are given a ratio of 2:1 or 3:1 and put into the spawning pond for 45-50 hours to produce or extrudate eggs. When artificial insemination is performed, females are usually bred first. The eggs (squeezed out eggs or cesarean) were then dissected and the semen was removed for dry insemination.
2. Incubation management: The optimum water temperature for hatching is 22-28 degrees Celsius. In the most suitable range, the higher the temperature, the higher the hatching rate. Generally, at 25 degrees Celsius, hatching takes about 150 hours (7-8 days). Newly hatched seedlings, with a total length of 12-20mm, can be placed in nursery ponds for 3-4 days after hatching. The temperature difference between the two water temperatures should not exceed 3-5 degrees Celsius.
Third, seed cultivation:
The seedlings were placed in a nursery pond and after the yolk sac gradually disappeared (about 1 week or so), zooplankton (clasps, copepods, and some large rotifers) were started to feed and later transferred to cooked egg yolks and flour. Paste feeding, can also be used for meat, quail, a variety of animal blood and scraps processed into a paste evenly into the pool, fed 4-6 times a day, daily feeding amount of 2-5% of the fish body weight, If the stocking amount is 450-500 tails/m2, 20-40 tails/kg can be harvested in the winter.
4. Water Quality Regulation Although the seedlings are resistant to sewage, hypoxia, and disease resistance, in high-density intensive farming, water quality adjustment must be paid attention to, and water injection or flushing water should be used once a week. Each change of water accounts for the total pool water. 1 / 3, in the summer season can be planted in the nursery pond mushroom, white peony, water peanut or peony, play a shade effect. A small amount of seedlings can also be put in the pool, with a density of 30-50 tails/m2, which can effectively remove the residual food, and play a role in controlling the water quality and reducing the effects of young wandering.
Fifth, the prevention of rickets to prevent rickets in order to prevent the main, before the seedlings into the pool, the pool cleaning and disinfection, while with 3-4% of salt water bathing seedlings 2-5 minutes, the general young quail disease is not much.
Saprolegniasis, also called skin mildew, is caused by infection of the wound with water mold caused by the bite of the larvae or the invasion of predators. Once infected with watery mildew, the offspring have a white hairy appearance, commonly known as "green hair" or "white hair disease." The disease manifests as irritability, muscle rot in the affected area, loss of appetite, and finally gradually thin and dead. Eggs that are infected with water mold will also cause large numbers of eggs to die.
Control methods:
1, each cubic meter of water with salt and NaHC03 each 400g, Quanhua Quanchiposa, even sprinkled for three days.
2. The quail eggs were dipped in a 0.7 ppm malachite green solution for 10-15 minutes and used continuously for three days.

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