Autumn crops have a good effect of balanced fertilization

In the autumn sowing of crops, it is necessary to increase the amount of organic fertilizers used, combine organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers, and vigorously promote balanced fertilization techniques to increase fertilizer use efficiency.

Increase organic fertilizers to promote straw cover technology. The long-term adherence to the application of organic fertilizers and droughts, floods, winds, frosts and other natural disasters has played a significant role in fighting disasters and stabilizing production. The high-yield plots are 3,000 kilos of fertilizer per 667 square meters, and the low-yield fields are not less than 2,000 kg. Grasps more man-made farmyard fertilizers during periods of high temperatures, using livestock waste, litter, weeds, straw, sludge and other wastes for high-temperature composting and tanning, and quickly decompose. The stalks were covered between the summer crops and rotted using high temperature and rainy weather as the base fertilizer for autumn crops. Actively promote the straw silage amination technology and straw crushed field technology.

Promote balanced fertilization technology. Promote variable fertilizer technology represented by BB fertilizer, balanced fertilization, organic and inorganic combination, and NPK combined application. Targeted use of micro-fertilizers, promotion of new high-efficiency fertilizers, promotion of deep application of fertilizers, and improvement of fertilizer utilization.

Promote patch technology. In general, soil lacks more potassium, and some soils also lack trace elements such as boron, zinc, manganese, and molybdenum. There should be focused, targeted, and step-by-step replenishment of potassium and trace elements to increase crop yield and quality.

Improve fertilization methods and rationally manage fertilizers. The traditional fertilization habit of wheat is all base fertilizers. This fertilization method not only causes waste of fertilizer, but also causes prolonged seedling growth, lodging at the heading stage, easy freezing in the event of late spring, and easy defertilization in the late stage. It should be in phosphorus, potash and organic fertilizers. Based on all the basic fertilizers, the total amount of nitrogen fertilizers will be 60% to 70% of base fertilizer, 30% to 40% of topdressing, and at the same time, it will be deepened by mechanical means to reduce the loss of nitrogenous fertilizer and increase the utilization rate of fertilizer.

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