Autumn potato sowing technique

1. Whole potato sowing: The cultivation of the autumn potato is sown at a time of high temperature and rainy season in August. The cut sowing is easy to die and the whole potato sowing can be used to reduce the dead weight of the autumn dead, prevent degradation and increase the yield.

Seedlings for autumn sowing should be harvested in advance for spring seeds and selected 50 grams of small sweet potato pieces. These pieces should be free from injury, disease, skin color, and moderate size, and should require about 200 kilograms per acre.

The seed potato is in a dormant state during the autumn sowing, and germination or drug soaking and germination are required before sowing. Generally, soaking for 20 to 30 minutes with 15 to 20 mg/l of gibberellic acid solution for 5 days before sowing, and removing the buried wet sand Germination, until the shoots grow 1-2 cm.

Autumn sowing potatoes in early sowing are too high in temperature, easy to rotten, severe virus disease, and too late to have insufficient growth period and low yield. North China should generally be sown on August 5-15.

2. Method of sowing: Autumn sowing of potatoes is generally different from the spring sowing, because the sowing of the autumn potatoes is in the season of high temperature and strong light, in order to create a relatively cool environment, sowing should be done on the shady slope to facilitate early emergence and emergence of seedlings. Before 10 o'clock in the morning and after 3 o'clock in the afternoon. And with the ditch, with sowing, with cover soil. General spacing 60 cm, spacing 25 cm.

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