Babies will "emotionally eavesdrop"

Release date: 2007-06-22

Babies will “emotionally eavesdrop” and behave in a way that makes the words and actions of the baby often make people feel surprised. Researchers at the University of Washington found that 18-month-old babies can directly listen to and observe emotional interactions between adults in a way called “emotional eavesdropping” and then use this emotional information to shape themselves. the behavior of. Not long ago, Andrew Metc., Dean of the University of Washington School of Learning and Brainsiology, and Assistant Professor of Psychology, Brady Lipakley, published the research in the journal Child Development. They said that the baby is very small. It is already possible to understand the emotional state of others. "This may be the 'reading' of their thoughts by understanding the emotions of others," Ripakley said. “Understanding the emotions of others is a skill that comes with people's lives, and it is a very crucial pre-school preparation. The most striking conclusion of this study is: How do sensitive babies respond to emotional changes in their surroundings? They don't need to do something themselves and get rewards or punishments. They just need to see what their brothers and sisters are doing and what happened to them.” Metcoff said, “The study fills this. A gap in the field shows us how babies perform 'emotional eavesdropping'. The babies learn how to behave through this 'eavesdrop' almost all the time." To test how babies get emotional information about adults, researchers Two sets of experiments were performed. The study found no gender differences in how babies respond. “This is really amazing!” Ripacley said. “Parents often teach boys and girls differently, and girls tend to be more submissive, but we did not find this gender difference in the experiment, maybe this is This field of research will require attention in the future.” This experiment demonstrates for the first time that babies can change their behavior in response to an emotional exchange that does not directly involve them. “Many studies focus on the effects of direct emotional communication between parents and babies on the behavior of babies. Previously, no one has considered that babies will take the emotional information of others in front of them and apply them to their own behavior. By observing and analysing the emotions and behaviors of others, babies can quickly learn many important things – not only to observe the world efficiently, but also to avoid behaviors that may have a negative impact.”— — Information from: Meditech Medical Network



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