Bad residue feeds feed fish

The use of bad residue residue to feed fish has rich nutrition, low cost and high efficiency. It is worth promoting, but usage should be paid attention to.

1, lees. A by-product of the wine industry. The nutritional value varies according to the raw materials, and is superior to breweries. The distiller's grains have a rich aroma and can attract fish and increase appetite. Distiller's grains can also be used to cultivate water, water quality fertilizer and stability. However, the amount should not be too much (should be controlled at less than 15% of the total amount of fish feed), to the lack of oxygen in the water, causing the fish to float its head, or pan pool death.

2, soy sauce bad. Contains a small amount of salt, must be mixed with other feed, feeding should account for about 10% of the total amount of feed.

3, starch bad. The main raw materials are green beans, beans and corn. The fresh starch residue has more water content and higher nutritional value and can be directly used for feeding fish. The dried corn residue after squeezing contains about 22% of digestible protein and is a good concentrate for fish.

4, bean curd residue. The main byproduct of the soy products factory. When it is fresh, it contains 8.2% of water, 2%-5% of protein, and less crude fiber, which can be used as supplementary material to feed fish.

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