Bailing Mushroom High Yield Cultivation Technique

Pleurotus nebrodensis is extremely sensitive to temperature, its mycelium adaptable to a wide range of temperature, can survive at 4-37 °C conditions, with 23--28 °C is appropriate, the mushrooming temperature range is 0-24 °C, pre-growth The bud stage of 8-13 °C is the most suitable, and the growth of the latter is 15 °C.
The mycelial growth of Pleurotus nebrodensis requires a long post-maturation period to achieve the physiological maturity of the mycelium. That is to say, after the hyphae are filled with mycelium, the bag of Bailing must undergo a hyphal ripening period in order to produce mushrooms. According to the same characteristics of strains, this stage generally takes about 30-60 days, and individual strains even up to 80 days. Using artificial control measures can greatly shorten the subsequent maturity period. The basic approach is: first adjust the temperature to about 30 °C, so that full development of mycelium, and then reduce the temperature (the bacteria bag into the cold storage), in the 0 - 10 °C environment for about 15 days, so that the mycelium Relatively unfavorable conditions form self-protection, thereby accelerating the fertility process.
When the color of the bag is more white than the previous period, the hardness of the handle is high and the elasticity is strong, it can be removed from the cold storage and put into a plastic greenhouse. To maximize the greenhouse temperature, increase the humidity, give the appropriate amount of light stimulation and greater ventilation. About a week or so, the micro-organisms appeared at the inoculation block. Afterwards, the temperature should be reduced as much as possible until it emerges. Generally this period is around mid-November, the temperature of the shed should be kept below 15°C. To cover the straw curtains, strengthen the ventilation in the morning, evening and night, and strengthen the ground watering and space water spray. Only 2 days shorter than 10 °C, mushroom buds will soon form.
In general, only one or three mushroom buds are present on each mushroom surface. Before the completion of differentiation, the buds were treated and only one was reserved. Under the normal conditions, a large, uniform, fair, and white-colored quality mushroom product can be grown. This measure can effectively increase its product rate, generally weighing about 200 grams, and the product rate is nearly 100%. (This article is provided by Han Chaozheng, Institute of Edible Fungi, Binhai County, Jiangsu Province; 0515---4103012 13851113822)

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