Banana fudge processing technology

Banana is a perennial large evergreen fruit herb, also known as plantain, tooth banana. Most bananas are the descendants of the wild wild species Stegopogon and Stegodonta. The wild tip of thistle is native to Southeast Asia (including southern China), which is Malaysia-centered. It has been eaten in ancient times. Chinese bananas are mainly produced in Guangdong's Pearl River Delta, Jianjiang Plain, and south-central Taiwan, and their plant height is 1.5-4 meters.
Bananas can be divided into three categories: bananas, plantains and pink bananas. There are many varieties of bananas, mainly banana varieties of Chinese dwarf varieties. There are 3 types: high, medium and short. Plantain cultivars in China mainly include: Plantain, Plantain Plantain, Jinshan Banana. Powdered bananas are cultivated in China: pink bananas, bananas, bananas, and ivory bananas.

Banana is an important fruit in the world. The edible portion contains 20% carbohydrates, 1.2% protein, and 0.6% fat. It also contains calcium, iron, phosphorus and other minerals and vitamins A, B, C, and D. Banana is a high-calorie fruit, and it has been analyzed that the calorific value per 100 grams of pulp is 378 joules. Bananas also serve as the main food in some tropical areas. The nutritional value of banana pulp is quite high. Each 100 grams of pulp contains 20 grams of carbohydrates, 1.2 grams of protein, and 0.6 grams of fat. In addition, it also contains trace elements and vitamins. Among them, vitamin A can promote growth, increase resistance to diseases, and is necessary to maintain normal fertility and vision; thiamine can resist beriberi, promote appetite, aid digestion, and protect the nervous system; riboflavin can promote normal human growth and development.

Most of the gums sold on the food market are synthetic foods made with essences, colors, sugars, gels, etc. The term banana jelly is used here to be processed from banana pulp, which is different from the use of banana flavors. Banana fudge, processing techniques are as follows:

Raw material treatment: Fully matured bananas were manually peeled and then antioxidants were added and beaten with a pulper.

Adding sugar and other additives: The most important feature of soft candy is soft and translucent, which needs to be coagulated with gelling agent. Adding starch syrup makes the sugar body transparent and does not appear sand return phenomenon. After controlling the appropriate moisture, the product will be qualified. The use of gels depends on the amount of fruit pulp, pectin content and product requirements, and the cost is low. The currently used gels such as sodium alginate, gelatin, carrageenan and other costs are relatively low, but their The method of use varies from one to the other. It is mainly decided that the nature of the structure is different. For example, gelatin is used as a gelling agent, and the amount is generally more. Above 5-8% (weight of raw materials), gelatin should be dissolved in water 30 times and dissolved gradually to form a uniform colloid. If the temperature is higher than 80 degrees Celsius, it is not easy to condense. And the acidity of the finished product can not be too large, otherwise it will also affect its condensation. Let us say that the amount of banana pulp (fruit pulp) depends on the production. It can be used in its entirety, or it can be calculated by using 50% water plus 50% water as raw material weight. For example, adding 30% starch to 1:1 white sugar syrup.

Cooking and Concentrating: In the process of co-cooking of pulp and syrup, the process of evaporating and concentrating water is continued. When heating and concentrating the slurry solids to about 70%, the required citric acid 0.3-0.4% and 0.05% preservative sorbic acid should be added. Potassium. It should be noted that when the temperature of the sauce body exceeds 100 degrees Celsius, gelatin can not be added immediately, and it is necessary to cool it to 80 degrees Celsius to add gelatin, and stirring constantly

Wash basin: In the 70 degrees Celsius, the sauce body is poured into the shallow pan and cooled. The cooling method can be used to accelerate the cooling.

Condensation cooling molding.

Pellets: Mechanical pellets according to size, with long, square, round, etc.

Drying: Dry at 40-45 degrees Celsius for 18-20 hours, so that the finished product has a moisture content of 18%.

Packaging: Use cellophane or pillow packaging.

These products are translucent, elastic and chewing, that is, tough, and banana aroma. In the raw material (banana) sufficient conditions can be considered for production.

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