Beef cattle increase efficiency eight tricks

Introduced good breeds to introduce domestically preferred foreign beef breeds with high growth rates, high feed rewards, and good meat quality, such as Italian Piedmont cattle, German cattle, Japanese cattle, etc. In addition to introducing foreign varieties, the selected heterozygous breeders can also choose to breed hybrid beef cattle. Because of its combination of different varieties of good traits, with significant heterosis, in a short time can produce a large number of high-quality beef cattle. Early castration studies have shown that when bulls are fattened before the age of two, they have a fast growth rate, a high lean percentage, and a high feed reward. Bulls over 2 years of age should be fattening after castration, otherwise inconvenient management.
Sources of raw materials to make full use of local agricultural and sideline products, and scientific processing and modulation, in order to improve its palatability and digestibility; wide range of pasture and straw silage to do a good job, in order to reduce feeding costs and increase economic efficiency.
Since breeding, introducing more and less education, persisting in self-cultivation and self-cultivation, reducing the cost of purchasing calves and looking for benefits from their own perspective. At the same time, we must pay attention to the cattle deworming, insecticide before fattening, strict cleaning and disinfection of the barn, commonly used anthelmintic drugs albendazole, trichlorfon, eel net.
In order to reduce the feeding cycle and increase the profit, a scientific and efficient breeding method is adopted in order to shorten the feeding cycle and market it in a timely manner. Usually in the late autumn and winter of the following year, when the yaks are 1 and a half years old after birth, the slaughter is appropriate when the body weight reaches 300 kg. At this time, the cow has a faster weight gain, tender meat, less feed for fattening, and low feeding costs, and is suitable for promotion in a large number of agricultural and pastoral areas. At the same time, the slaughterhouse cattle are slaughtered after 3-4 months of strength and fattening at the age of 2 or so, which is beneficial to both cattle farmers and consumers.
It is necessary to do a good job of market surveys before raising the road to raise the market, forecast market conditions, and take the initiative. Conditional breeders can sell their own slaughter to further expand sales channels.
Specialization should vigorously develop beef cattle breeding villages, and give full play to the advantages of specialized cattle breeding technology, information, and marketing. If they are dispersed and raised, the amount of cattle kept is small, and they cannot attract cattle from other places. Cows are prone to slow sales and the price is not going up.

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