Before the spring of agricultural machinery

Before the planting, the plots should be carefully checked to ensure that the operation quality and mechanical safety are ensured; the seeds, fertilizers and vulnerable mechanical parts are prepared to avoid delaying planting and delaying the agricultural season; the seeds must be dry and free of stalks and stones. Blocks and other debris, so as not to block the seeding mouth, affecting the quality of sowing; when the precision sowing, the seeds must be carefully selected, the fertilizer should also be clean, otherwise it will affect the quality of sowing fertilizer; put the seed fertilizer in the right place to avoid adding Time delays in seed and fertilizer.

Sowing precautions: (1) sowing machinery to avoid parking when working. When it is necessary to stop, the planter should be lifted and backed up for some distance before planting. When descending the seeder, make the tractor run slowly. The seed drill must not be retracted when the opener is in the ground to prevent clogging or damage to the opener. (2) When the land is turned, the planter should be raised, the power of the metering device and the fertilizer device should be cut off, and the rowing and opener should be raised. (3) The operator must observe the operation status of the seeder at any time during the operation, and pay special attention to whether the metering device is to be seeded; whether the row fertilizer device is used for rowing; whether the seedlings and fertilizers are blocked or not; whether there is a seed box or a fertilizer box. Sufficient species, fertilizers, etc. (4) After sowing a kind of crop, it is necessary to carefully clean the seed box so as to avoid seed failure caused by mixed seeds, resulting in the waste of seeds and causing difficulties and troubles for the field management in the future. After the sowing is completed, clean the fertilizer tanks in time to prevent corrosion and rust. (5) When sowing seeds with pesticides, the sowing staff must wear gloves, masks, goggles and other protective tools. The remaining seeds should be properly and promptly treated so as not to pollute the environment and cause harm to humans and animals.

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