Big Coreopsis

Cocoa grandiflora is a perennial plant of the family Compositae. Plant height 60 to 80 cm, sparsely fine hairs. Basal leaves are lanceolate or oblong-spatulate, entire, sometimes fissured, with stalks becoming smaller and smaller. Headlike inflorescences with long stalks, narrow and short sepals, ray yellow flowers, tube with 4 to 5 teeth first. Achenes oblate spheroid, with thin scaly wings, very small or absent crowns. Flowering from mid-May to early November. Corylylus japonica is native to North America, and its soil requirements are not strict. It grows well in the sunny terrain and well-drained sandy loam. Drought-resistant. In rich and moist soil, the foliage is lush and the flowering is reduced. The reproduction of large coreopsis may be conducted in spring sowing in April or autumn in August, and it may also be carried out in the spring and fall seasons. The big cockscombs rose winter with rosettes and winter leaves were green. Long flowering period, strong habits, easy cultivation, is a good flower, evergreen ground cover plants. Appropriate arrangement of flower borders, but also in the edge of the grass, sunny slopes, forest edge into a cluster of plants, but also for cutting flowers.

Pain Relief Patch
[Name] Medical Cold Patch
[Package Dimension] 6cm×8cm 4pieces/box
The pain relief patch is composed of three layers, namely, backing lining, middle gel and protective film. It is free from pharmacological, immunological or metabolic ingredients.
[Scope of Application]
For cold physiotherapy, closed soft tissue only.
The patches give fast acting pain relief for strains, sprains, cramp, bruises, swollen areas or joint stiffness.
[How To Use a Patch]
Please follow the Schematic Diagram. One piece, one time.
The curing effect of each piece can last for 6-8 hours.
Do not apply the patch on the problematic skin, such as wounds, eczema, dermatitis,or in the eyes. People allergic to herbs and the pregnant are advised not to use the medication. If swelling or irritation occurs, please stop using and if any of these effects persist or worsen.notify your doctor or pharmacist promptly. Children using the patch must be supervised by adults.
[Storage Conditions]
 Store below 30c in a dry place away from heat and direct sunlight.

Pain Relief Patch(Pain Areas)

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