Biogas fermentation principle

Biogas Fermentation Principles Biogas is a combustible gas produced by microorganisms in an anaerobic environment under certain temperature, humidity, and pH conditions. Because this gas was originally found in swamps, lakes, and ponds, people call it methane. Biogas contains a variety of gases, the main component of which is methane (CH4). Biogas bacteria decompose organic matter and produce biogas. It is called biogas fermentation.
The process of converting organic matter into biogas is like the two processes that produce a product in a factory: First, it breaks down bacteria to process complex organic matter such as manure, straw, and weeds into semi-finished products—structure-simple compounds; and then in methane bacteria. As a result, simple compounds are processed into products - that is, methane is produced. This process also directly affects the gas production rate and gas production efficiency. If man-made operations are performed, it can greatly increase gas production. When processing into semi-finished products, the use of golden treasure materials such as fast rot can greatly reduce the decomposition time. Into the next step, gas production in advance, in the processing into the product stage can be used, such as Gum Biogas fermentation agent, it contains a large number of trace elements required for the growth and reproduction of methanogenic bacteria, is the activity of methotrexate greatly enhanced, can greatly improve Biogas production and gas production efficiency. Details can visit the website or consult.

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