Biological pesticides - vegetable and vegetable

First, the active ingredient This product is a combination of bacillusthuringiensis (abaillusthuringiensis) and abamectin (abamectin) 1.5% aviso WP.

Second, the mechanism of action Abamectin is an antibiotic insecticide acaricidal agent, the main component is avermectin Bla, has teratogenic and contact toxicity to fleas and pests, has the function of blocking motor nerve information, can make The pest quickly paralyzed within hours, refused to eat, easing or not moving and died 24 hours later. Under the action of micro abamectin, the resistance of pests is reduced, which is beneficial to the invasion and pathogenicity of Bt, and the reproduction of Bt in insects can also reduce the resistance of pests to avermectin, so as to achieve a synergistic effect. In addition, the compounded product can make up for the shortcomings of Bt's short-term effectiveness (the death rate of pests increases after 2 days of general application) and can increase the insecticidal spectrum. As abamectin itself is also a highly effective antibiotic biopesticide. Therefore, Bt insecticides and avermectin compound preparations have broad application prospects.

Third, the main features

1. The control objects mainly control the vegetable pests such as Plutella xylostella, Pieris rapae, Aphids, Liriomyza sativae on cruciferous vegetables.

2. The results of field trials conducted by relevant control units showed that the control effect of vegetable and vegetable on Plutella xylostella was more than 92%.

3. Safety and Toxicity The avermectin on the surface of crops will decompose rapidly, so there is no residue in the crops and the environment; Bt insecticides have low toxicity to humans, animals and plants. Poison, safe to natural enemies, does not produce phytotoxicity to plants, does not pollute the environment, and is particularly suitable for use in pollution-free vegetable production bases.

Fourth, how to use

1, the amount of medication and application of this product per acre 35 to 50 grams, 50 kg of water spray.

2, spraying time and matters needing attention

(1) It is most effective when used in eggs hatching or larvae of 1-2 instars;

(2) After 4 o'clock on a sunny day and on a cloudy day, the effect is best. After 6 hours of application, the rain should be reapplied.

(3) Take care to avoid sericulture and apiculture.

V. Market advantage

1. This product adopts two kinds of bio-pesticides which are compounded by optimized formula. After being appraised by relevant experts of Wuhan Science and Technology Commission and Hubei Provincial Petrochemical Department, this product has been confirmed to meet domestic advanced level.

2. With the same effect, it saves the farmers the cost of prevention and control.

3. Low toxicity to humans and animals, no residue in crops and environment, safety to natural enemies.

4, The insecticide spectrum of the compound preparation is expanded, and it can not only control vegetable pests such as Plutella xylostella and Pieris rapae, but also have good effects on Liriomyza sativae, Citrus mantis, P. armigera, S. japonicum and C. meleagridis. Control effectiveness.

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