Biotechnology makes 'long' energy out of the ground

Scientists discovered a magical plant in Africa. After tearing its stems and leaves, the wound would be “blooded” with direct current. Incredibly, “blood” contained a large amount of oil. In the United States, there is a camphor tree that can be extracted from the tree's epidermis as white rubber, and refined to a small extent. Oil-like liquids are also available. There is also a shrub plant named Jojoba that can adapt to the harsh environment of the desert. Its fruit contains 50% to 60% of oily milk and can be used as a lubricating oil after being refined. However, due to many factors such as technological backwardness and high cost, plant oil production has been difficult to commercialize. These scientific discoveries have re-entered the field of vision for a new type of energy, which is very promising for application development. Biomass energy, also known as “green energy,” refers to the renewable energy that is fixed in the form of biomass through the photosynthesis of plants. Before the era of industrial civilization, the energy that mankind depended on for survival and development was bioenergy. In recent years, along with the development of biotechnology, the road to bio-energy industrialization has grown wider and wider. What is most encouraging is the discovery of algae: they grow quickly and multiply, have a wide range of survival, and have high yields. For example, a cluster of algae that lives in fresh water is simply an oil generator that can directly discharge liquid fuel. “Energy can be planted in the land” allows people to truly see the great charm of modern biotechnology and open up a new era in the agricultural product processing industry. Nowadays, many countries in the world are conducting research on energy plants and their cultivation techniques, and have established new energy bases through introduction and cultivation, such as “oil botanical gardens” and “energy farms”. The United States began researching energy crops in 1978. To date, more than 200 specialized energy crops have been selected, including rapidly growing herbs and trees; the United Kingdom has used 80,000 hectares of land to develop energy forests; India, the Philippines, and Thailand have all created Large area of ​​firewood. To develop biomass energy, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Bank have also provided hundreds of millions of dollars of assistance to developing countries. China's biomass energy resources are quite abundant. In recent years, scientists have discovered that the oil tree of Hainan Province in China will source oil after cutting off the branches; from the fruit of shrubs called Jatropha curcas in the Jinsha River Valley of Sichuan, a renewable new type of diesel can be extracted. The main forms of bioenergy currently include biogas, biohydrogen production, biodiesel and fuel ethanol. Fuel ethanol is currently the world's largest production of bio-energy. In China, more than 700 million tons of crop stalks each year can be converted into 100 million tons of alcohol, equivalent to the oil production of the three Daqing oil fields. If we increase the support for the research on utilization of straw-like lignocellulose, then we must Within 10 years, it is expected to make it the main raw material for the biomass industry. With 50 million hectares of wasteland in China, if we can use 10% of them to plant biomass energy plants, not only can we produce 25 million tons of ethanol, but we can also find new ways for farmers in backward areas to increase their income.

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