Blind dieting careful with fatty liver

Women's blind dieting can easily increase the risk of fatty liver.

Weight-loss successful small-scale detection of fatty liver! She shouted impossible. The doctor said that it is the excessive diet that causes fatty liver. Associate Professor Zhang Shi-neng, Deputy Director of Department of Gastroenterology at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, said that clinically discovered people who are blindly pursuing fast-paced diets are surrounded by TV sets, computers, and car life groups. Fatty liver population. "The best way to prevent and control is not to take medicine but to adjust to an unhealthy life. Patients with fatty liver who are blindly taking hypolipidemic drugs may also increase liver damage."

Blind dieting induces fatty liver

The 25-year-old was surprised to find that she had mild fatty liver in her medical examination. She and her colleagues felt incredible! Because Xiao Cheng is dedicated to losing weight during the past year, she usually pays great attention to diet control and does not drink. The effect of weight loss is very significant. How can fat-free fatty liver cause such fat people? And the doctor told - it is the misfortune of excessive dieting.

Zhang Shineng introduced that there are many causes of fatty liver, including malnutrition, poison and drug abuse, alcoholism, diabetes, and psychological stress.

"In view of the close relationship between obesity and liver disease, proper weight loss for overweight and obese people can indeed effectively prevent and treat fatty liver, but it must be scientific and appropriate to lose weight. Blindly pursuing weight loss and even dieting to lose weight are very likely to increase the risk of fatty liver disease. "Zhang Shi-neng pointed out that there are three reasons for dieting to cause fatty liver: First, excessive restrictions on diet, the body can not get enough energy, it will mobilize the other parts of the body to store fat, protein, and convert it into energy. In the process of energy conversion, fat and protein will pass through the liver as a "transfer station", allowing a large amount of fatty acids to enter the liver and cause fat deposition. Secondly, the metabolism of lipids requires the help of lipoproteins, and the synthesis of lipoproteins requires gallbladder Alkali, protein and fatty acids, if these substances are deficient in intake, malnutrition, and cannot synthesize lipoproteins, will affect the liver's lipid metabolism, resulting in the accumulation of fat in the liver, resulting in fatty liver; In addition, dieting can also cause sugar, fat Insufficient intake of protein, minerals, and cellulose. In this case, the body will be compensated, so that sugar, protein, etc. are converted into fat, accumulated to the liver, causing fatty liver.

Fatty liver favorite "sisters"

According to Zhang Shineng, high-risk groups of fatty liver mainly include middle-aged and elderly people, obese and bulimia, excessive drinking, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia. According to reports, as the elderly age, metabolic function gradually decline, while the amount of exercise is reduced, it is easy to form fatty liver. "People who are greedy or entertaining, if they indulge in food all day long, have long-term intake of too much fat, increase liver metabolic burden, can also cause excessive deposition of fat in the liver, causing fatty liver." Research shows that in excess of standard body weight 10% Of the population, 72% were fat deposits in the liver and 20% were fat deposits.

Zhang Shineng specifically pointed out that with the continuous improvement of material living standards, there have been many “rounders” who come home all day round around the TV, the office around the computer, and walk out of the car. “They eat more and move less and live a single life, and it is easy to pile up. Fat causes fatty liver," said Zhang Shineng, and as a result, the incidence of fatty liver has an abnormally younger trend year by year.

In addition, excessive alcohol intake is also one of the fatal causes of fatty liver. It is medically believed that alcoholic fatty liver-alcoholic hepatitis-alcoholic cirrhosis is the "trilogy" of alcoholic liver disease. For patients with diabetes and hyperlipidemia, due to increased blood sugar, high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, etc. in the blood, reaching the liver with blood circulation, exceeds the metabolic capacity of the liver, and is also very likely to cause fatty liver.

Zhang Shineng said that four unhealthy habits are also easy to induce fatty liver:

One is not eating breakfast. This will directly lead to inadequate nutrition and energy intake. However, morning work and study often require a lot of energy. Over time, it can cause malnutrition and energy metabolism disorder, which induces or aggravates fatty liver. Second, many young and middle-aged people concentrate their energy on handling the first thing and often miss the normal meal. Point, this will also cover the hidden dangers of fatty liver; Third, breakfast, lunch, casually deal with. Some people especially value their home for dinner, and sometimes overtime may increase the number of nights. The long-term consumption of high-calorie, high-protein, high-fat foods in the evening and the lack of matching exercise will lead to excess nutrients, which will lead to the formation of fatty liver over a long period of time. Fourth, there will be no complete time for eating and snacking in the office or at home. Most women are pregnant. Although their stomachs are full, a large number of high-calorie, low-nutrient foods will cause calories and lack of nutrition, leading to fatty liver.

Four habits prone to fatty liver

Fatty liver can induce many diseases

In recent years, the number of patients with fatty liver detected in China has increased significantly. However, in the face of a high rate of fatty liver detection, many people disagree with it and regard it as a sub-health state rather than a real disease. Zhang Shineng said that in fact, fatty liver can induce a variety of diseases.

"The presence of fatty liver means that the body's lipid metabolism disorder has been more serious, it is easy to cause complications such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes, high blood pressure, and for obese and overweight patients, may also be complicated by coronary heart disease, stroke and so on. "Zhang Shieneng said that now medical research has proven that 20% of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease is non-alcoholic steatohepatitis but not simple fatty liver, while non-alcoholic steatohepatitis is an important precursor of occult cirrhosis and liver cancer. It is also a rare cause of liver failure. "Even simple fatty liver means that the patient's liver is more fragile than the normal liver and is more vulnerable to alcohol, drugs, poisons, and viral infections, leading to an increased incidence of other types of liver disease," said Zhang Shieneng.

Fatty liver patients blindly take medicine or aggravate liver damage

"We advocate that fatty liver should be treated first by diet, lifestyle habits, etc. to ease the treatment, and finally consider the use of drugs." Therefore, for the prevention and treatment of fatty liver, Zhang Shi-neng pointed out that adjusting unhealthy living conditions is the most important of. He believes that people should pay attention to restricting fat intake in their daily lives, daily intake should be less than 30g, at the same time, do not eat animal organs, eat less animal oil, often eat fish, shrimp and other seafood; eat fresh green Vegetables, certain foods such as oats, corn, black fungus, garlic, hawthorn, etc. also have a certain lipid-lowering effect. Sugar foods should be eaten. "Every day the staple food should be controlled at about 250g; dinner should be eaten less, try to avoid supper." In addition, according to their own circumstances, the amount of exercise, play a role in fitness fat.

For patients who already have fatty liver, Zhang Shineng believes that, in addition to paying attention to the above diet and behavioral habits, we should also be vigilant: Not all fatty liver should be given hypolipidemic drugs. Improper use not only does not reduce fatty liver, but will increase the liver Damage should be properly selected under the guidance of a doctor. In addition, patients with fatty liver should not eat large amounts of fruit, because the fruit contains a certain amount of sugar, long-term excessive consumption can lead to elevated blood lipids, and even increase the fatty liver condition. Text/Reporter Tu Duanyu Intern Li Wei correspondent Wang Wei

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