Breeding of salmon seedlings is the best time for autumn

Carp is the most widely distributed and highest yielding freshwater fish in China. It is the most appropriate time to use a family of aquaculture ponds to breed eel fry in the autumn. Can adapt to the needs of spring stocking, shorten the fry breeding cycle, increase production. The techniques for introducing artificial propagation of salmon fry in autumn are as follows:
First, the choice of fish to choose mature fish weighing more than 500 grams. Female squid should be enlarged and soft in the abdomen, red and swollen around the anus and genital holes, congestion; male squid squeeze out the abdomen with white semen outflow, and there is no swelling around the anus.
Second, male and female with a good selection of male and female fish, with a ratio of 1:5 to 7 to match. If you put more squid, you can speed up the estrus of female squid.
Third, hanging eggs spawning The male and female fish are placed in a fish bowl for hanging water and placing a fish nest. The back of the fish is about 3 cm below the surface of the water to use its temperature difference stimulus and micro-water stimulation to reach its spawning. If 2 ml of 50% glucose is injected at the base of each pectoral fin of the female, the effect of spawning is better.
IV. Incubation
1. Spawning and hatching pool water should not be too fat. If the water is more fat, it will cause the floating head of the fish, no spawning, or spawning of the fruit. Spawning ponds and hatching ponds should be filled with fresh water to keep microfluidic water well. The water temperature is preferably 18-22°C.
2. Oxygen production using fibrous roots cool, without mixed pulp daffodils as well, to cut stems and leaves, so as not to stick to the eggs sunburned by the sun.
3. Prevent males from eating eggs and increase hatchability.
Fifth, artificial aphrodisiac to the female squid for artificial aphrodisiac, can make female squid spawn on time, increase ovulation. The specific method is: in the breeding season of carp, 50% glucose solution is injected into the mature female squid, and the injection site is at the base of the pectoral fin. Enter the needle from a 45-degree angle, depending on the weight of the female fish, and inject 3 to 5 ml per tail. After the injection, the female squid was placed in the spawning pool, and then each female squid was paired with 2 male squid. The spawning pool can be used for domestic fish farming, keeping the stimulation of microfluidic, spawning 10-15 hours after the injection, and the ovulation volume is generally increased by about 40% compared to natural ovulation. The eggs of the female squid are sticky eggs and need to be ovulated. The sessile narcissus roots or aquatic grasses are used to produce ovaries, the eggs are attached to the fish nests, and the nests with the eggs are put into the small fish larvae that have been cleared. .

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