Bulldozer Operation Instructions

As the level of mechanization continues to increase, the use of bulldozers is generally used in the conversion of farmland to land, land, and development sites. The following points should be noted for the safety of bulldozers: Earth-moving operations must not be carried out in dangerous places, and must not be forced through mud-water channels or dams. Anti-trapping vehicles cannot operate at slopes greater than 20 degrees. Dozing operations should be based on the soil conditions, select the appropriate speed, to prevent overloading operations. When moving the soil, place the dispenser handle in a floating position to allow the blade to move freely. Do not turn during shoveling and earth moving, otherwise the steering clutch and other parts are easily damaged. Try not to raise or lower the piston in the cylinder to the limit position. After the blade is cut into the soil, it is necessary to adjust the amount of soil according to the sound of the engine to prevent the engine from operating under the condition of black smoke. If you find that the tractor is overloaded, you should reduce the amount of soil immediately. In the case of large stones or roots, use manual removal and do not use bulldozers for impact. Do not observe and repair under the blade when the blade is raised. If you need to repair, you should support the blade firmly and drive it at low speed when it is empty. When the bulldozer is launched into the water, it is necessary to carefully inspect the traveling device and the chassis in advance to make waterproof protection. In case of gaskets, bolts, nuts, etc. that are exposed to water, apply calcium-based lubricating grease and retighten it. The oil gauge cover adjustment screw must be oiled to prevent rust. Do not place the dispenser handle of the bulldozer in the "up" or "down" position for a long time to prevent the hydraulic hose from bursting. Do not contaminate fuel and acid-base items with hydraulic hoses to prevent corrosion deterioration. China Agricultural Network Editor