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How to pick crabs? In bold lines, crab must be fresh, so it must be picked. Size can be, but it must be heavy. Because the mother's crab yellow, so the mother's better.

According to a knowledgeable person, fine-selected crabs should be "five":

A look at crab shells. Where the shell is dark green with light, it is thick and fleshy; the back of the shell is yellow, and most of them are thin and weak.

Look at the navel. If the navel protrudes, one is full of fat and fat; most of the recesses are insufficient.

Three to watch chewing feet. Where the chelipeds are piled on villous, all claws are old and healthy, while the chelipeds have no fluff, and the body is soft.

Four to see vitality. Turn the crab over and turn the abdomen upside down. It can quickly turn back and forth with a squat foot. It has strong vitality and can be preserved. If it cannot be turned back, it has poor vitality and can not be stored for a long time.

Five to see male and female. In the eighth and the seventh month of the lunar calendar, the male crabs were selected and the male crabs were selected after September. Because the male and female crabs matured in the gonads at these two times, the taste was the best. Carefully study and refer to this "five look", you can select high-quality crabs from a large number of crabs.

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