Cage cucumber clever application of three fertilizers to win high yield

The cucumbers in the greenhouses are weak in roots and have poor absorption, but they have very good fertilizer and fertilizer resistance. Nitrogen fertilizer can promote the growth of cucumber vines and promote the development of male flowers; and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can promote the development of female flowers. Understand the growth characteristics of cucumber, skillfully apply "three fats" and scientific management. Can make cucumber high yield. First, the base fertilizer station should be fully applied. In general, more than 5,000 kilograms of manure should be applied per mu. The amount of chemical fertilizer should be appropriate. Mushi DAP 50-60 kg or compound fertilizer 100-150 kg, 50% of the content of 50 kg of potassium fertilizer, superphosphate 100 kg. If the greenhouse has been used continuously for many years, 2 kg of iron fertilizer, 2 kg of zinc fertilizer and 1 kg of boron fertilizer will be applied per acre. After the above fertiliser is evenly spread on the ground, it can be used only once to turn it over, and the utilization rate is quite high. Second, the clever application of fertilizer in order to ensure that the cucumber grow well after planting, must be set at the time of planting fertilizer. Planting fertilizer should use high-quality inorganic chemical fertilizers. Generally, 40-50 kg of high-quality compound fertilizer can be applied per acre. When fertilizing, it can be spread on the ridge line, and then squat, then ridge can be. In the period of colonization to the melon, it is generally not necessary to water, but it is not suitable for fertilization. At this time, seedlings should be the main, otherwise, it is easy to cause melons to grow long, resulting in the occurrence of disease affect the quality of the product and production. Third, the growth period must be fertilized after sitting cucumbers, the basic production of cucumber production, then must be applied growth period fertilizer. Fertilization during this period will not only cause melons to grow, but it will also increase production. The method of fertilization is: 7-10 days after sitting on the melon, apply 40-50 kg per acre of diammonium phosphate or vegetable fertilizer. Every 5-10 days afterwards, it is necessary to pour water once as necessary. Watering should adhere to the principle of “one clear and one turbid”, that is, watering once, and watering with fertilizer at the next time. Pay attention to the amount of water should not be too large, depending on the growth of the cucumber and the degree of drought may be. The amount of fertilizer should be small every time, and then it should be increased one by one. It is appropriate to use about 50 kg per mu. Fertilizers should be quick-acting fertilizers with fast dissolution and no residue. After the cucumbers have 2-3 melons, if the management measures are improper, malformed melons will appear, and the cucumber's “head” will not shrink. At this time, 10-20 kg of urea can be applied per acre to reduce the development of female flowers and promote the growth of cucumber "head", thus ensuring continuous high yield of cucumber.

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