Carp fry shipping

Squid is one of the important marine fish species in coastal China. Carp seedlings are derived from natural sea areas and their production areas are relatively concentrated. Most of the fish seedlings need to be transported before they can be cultured. Reasonable transportation plays a crucial role in the survival rate of fry. Because many breeding units do not have a good grasp of the fry transport technology, they cause large numbers of fish fry every year, causing great economic losses to the farming units. In order to change this situation, according to my own experience, the author will introduce the transportation technology of carp fry as follows.
I. Preparation before transport

1. Sturgeon fry stocks are transported immediately after they are captured from natural sea areas. The fry survival rate is low and must therefore be raised. Regardless of whether it is to be raised in a concrete pool or raised in a cage, water quality must be ensured. For holding in concrete pools, daily water exchange volume must reach over 200%, and the holding density is 400-500 caudal body length (3-4 cm) per cubic meter of water. When caged, the cages should be set in the sea area with small currents. In shrimp ponds with a large area and a water depth of 2m or more, the temporary density is 500-600 cm long (3-4cm). During the holding period, live brine shrimp and fresh fish flesh are fed and once daily disinfected with potassium permanganate. The duration of the raising period is determined according to the actual situation, and is generally more than 3 days.

2. Stopped feeding the day before the stoppage of shipment, allowing the fish to empty the intestine to prevent the fry from being injured by violent activities during packing and transportation, and to prevent the fish from defecate or spit out food to pollute the water during the process of transport.

3. Prepare clean seawater and cool ice The transport water must be uncontaminated sand filtered water, and at the same time prepare ice cubes to control the water temperature.

Second, the fry transport fry transport in the body length of 4cm below, with oxygen bag transport oxygenation; 3-6cm with oxygen bag shipping transport, or transported with oxygen barrel canvas; body length of 6cm or more, with canvas bucket oxygen transport.

1. The volume of the 10L fry bag for the shipping of the fry bag, adding 2-3L of prepared seawater, putting the fry into the fry, excluding the above air, charging the pure oxygen, using a rubber band, and putting it in the incubator. Put two bags per box, place 500-1000g ice cubes in the middle and seal the boxes for transportation. The law is suitable for air transport and motor transport, and the transportation survival rate is above 95%.

2. Canvas bucket transport 1m3 canvas bucket, put the same size plastic film bag, add clean seawater 500-600L, put the fry, put the oxygenation head, tie a good plastic bag and hang up, add the right amount of seawater Ice cubes are cooled and then continuously oxygenated for transport. This method is suitable for automobile transportation, and the transportation survival rate is above 95%.

Third, the prevention of fish disease during transportation

1. Fish disinfection Add 3-4 ppm of nitrofurazone or 2 ppm of oxytetracycline powder to the fry bag or canvas bucket.

2. Water temperature and salinity During the transportation of salmon fry, the water temperature should be controlled below 15°C. When the water temperature is higher than 15°C, cool with ice cubes. When transporting with a bucket, slowly add seawater ice to cool down. After reaching the destination, if the temperature difference is greater than 4°C and the salt difference is greater than 3‰, it is necessary to slowly add local seawater to adjust the salinity and temperature until the salinity and temperature are consistent with the local conditions.

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