Carrot microtubules (celery pods)

Carrot microtubules, also known as Celery aphid, scientific name Semiaphis heraclei (Takahashi) Homoptera, Polygonaceae. The first host honeysuckle, yellow flower honeysuckle, gold and silver wood, eucalyptus and so on. The second host celery, fennel, coriander, carrots, white peony root, angelica, sage root, cress and other Umbelliferae plants.

The damage characteristics of the umbelliferous plants are mainly caused by the damages and damages of the umbelliferous plants, so that the young leaves are curled and the yield and quality are reduced. Celery and fennel seedlings curled up after being killed. Carrot seedlings often become yellow after being damaged.
Morphological characteristics? Winged carcass length 1.5 to 1.8 mm, width 0.6 to 0.8 mm. Live yellow-green, with a thin powder.
Life habits: 10 to 20 generations of the year, wintering on the branches of honeysuckle honeysuckle and other eggs. In the middle of March and early April of the following year, the wintering eggs hatch. Between April and May, the celery and honeysuckle plants are severely damaged. From May to July, they migrated to umbelliferous vegetables and Chinese herbal medicines such as Chinese angelica, windbreak, and white peony. Harm. In October, the winged pelicans and male pupae migrated from the umbelliferae to the plants of the genus Honeysuckle. From October to November, females and males mated and spawned over winter.
Control methods
1. In the early spring, apply wintering locust to more wintering celery or other nearby vegetables to prevent winged locusts from spreading.
2. For more locusts on celery can be sprayed with 50% anti-inferior WP 2000 times solution or 10% imidacloprid wettable powder 1500 times solution, 50% phoxim emulsion 1000 times solution, 50% malathione emulsion 1000 Double liquid, 2.5% rattan essence emulsion 600 to 800 times liquid, 20% cypermethrin 2000 to 3000 times liquid. Stop drug use 7 days before harvest
3, when the locust occurs in the greenhouse, stalks can be used as aerosols No. 4, 350 grams per 667 square meters, the provincial workers effective.

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