Causes of embryonic death in various stages of incubation

1. Genetic factors in early hatching (1 to 6 days); nutritional status and health status of breeders are poor, mainly lack of vitamin A, vitamin B; long storage time of eggs: storage temperature is too high or too low; egg fumigation is over-sterilized : Pre-incubation temperature is too high or too low; eggs are subjected to severe vibration during transport.

2. Mid-term death (7 to 12 days) breeders have poor nutritional status and health status, mainly lack of vitamin D, vitamin B2; preheating of pre-incubation eggs; contamination of eggs without sterilization or disinfection; incubation temperature is too high or Too low; unturned or improperly turned eggs; poor ventilation.

3, late death (13 to 18 days) breeder's nutritional level is poor, such as the lack of vitamin B12, gas chamber is small, is the humidity is too high; embryos, if there is obvious congestion, indicating that there is a period of high temperature; development is extremely weak, is the temperature Too low; small head clam shell, poor ventilation or small head up into the hatch.

4, suffocation in the shell when the hatching temperature, humidity is too high, poor ventilation; low post-hatching temperature; embryonic cartilage malformations, abnormal fetal position; genetic factors.

5. Malnutrition of the dead breeder's feed after oyster shell; breeder disease; if there is mucus at the entrance, it is due to high temperature and high humidity; poor ventilation or high carbon dioxide content in the 20th to 21st days; There are lethal genes; head up hatching; 1-14 days without turning eggs; 20-21 days incubation temperature is too high, humidity is too low; when the embryos use protein encounter high temperature, so that the protein is not absorbed, the urine capsule is bad, The egg yolk did not absorb.

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