Celosia cultivation techniques

Cockscomb native to India, formerly known as "Polo extravagance flower", has been cultivated in China for thousands of years. Its branches and leaves are bright and colorful. The flower head resembles the top crown of a rooster. The Song Dynasty Zhao Qi used to have a good saying that "wonderful excitement is very much to be desired, and Wu Cun only owes a bang", praising the lively and vivid style of the cockscomb flower. The cockscomb alias chicken cockscomb, red cockscomb, and chicken commonwealth are the annual herbaceous flowers of the family Asteraceae. Plant height 30 cm to 90 cm. Stems erect, flattened above, red or green, with ribbed longitudinal furrows, with few branches. Leaves alternate, ovate-lanceolate or linear-lanceolate, entire serrate, shortly palmate, apex acuminate. Leaf color is often green, yellow-green, red or red and green and other different colors. Most of the top succulent spikes are flat and resemble chicken-like crowns, and most of the flowers in the middle are clustered. 5 perianth membranous, upper deflowered, but pinnately bracteate, crimson, blush, yellow, white, and complex-colored, ovary-globose, ovoid-ovoid, glossy black seeds, flowering usually 8 Month to October. Commonly cultivated types and cultivars are: Common chicken cocks, 40 cm to 60 cm in height, rarely branched, flat chicken-like, quadrangular, wrinkled, purple, blush, pink, yellowish, milky, single or complex color. Common tall tree species, more than 80 to 120 centimeters tall, short tree species 15 cm to 30 cm, more purple or red. The hen's crown is 30 centimeters to 50 centimeters high, with many branches and closely growing upwards. The posture is wide conical. The inflorescences are inconsistent. The inflorescences are inconsistent and wrinkled. There are several small inflorescences at the base of the main inflorescence. The top of the lateral branches can also bear flowers, mostly fresh orange and sometimes yellowish. Leaves green, slightly dark red halo. Round velvet crest, 40 cm to 60 cm high, with branching, undeveloped, succulent inflorescence ovoid, surface fringed or velvet-like, purple or rose red, shiny. Pteris cockscomb, also known as reed comb or broom cockscomb, plant height 60 cm to 150 cm or more, the whole plant more branches and carry out, each branch with a loose flaming inflorescence, the surface resembles reed-like spikelets, rich color changes , There are silver, milk yellow, orange, rose to dark purple, single or double color. Cockscomb originating in India and Southeast Asia, tropical and subtropical regions, high temperature and dry air environment, suitable for temperature 20 °C to 30 °C, intolerant of cold and cool, need long and sufficient light, requires loose sandy soil with humus, not good barren. A suitable amount of common farmyard fertilizer can be used as base fertilizer. Potted plants near the flowering period can be followed by thin liquid fertilizer 1 to 2 times. The high-temperature growth period requires sufficient moisture and should prevent soil drying and accumulation of moisture and heat. The cockscombs are sown and propagated. The tall tree species should be planted in the early spring greenhouse or in Yangshuo, and the general open field sowing should be in mid-May. Sowing the cover should be thin, with no visible seeds, the seedlings grow from 1 to 2 true leaves. During the seedling stage, the soil and earthworms were transplanted once or twice, and the seedlings promoted lateral roots to make the plants robust. Transplantation cannot be dispelled. Celosia is suitable for planting potted plants and is an important flower for autumn flower beds and landscaping, and can be cut flowers. Celosia is a cross-pollination plant, and the varieties are easily hybridized and mutated. Seeds can be used as medicine.

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