Characteristic fruit storage and freshness

The research and development projects for storage and preservation of specialty fruit products have achieved significant progress in the development of key technologies and equipment for the storage and preservation of specialty fruits such as litchi, jujube, cherry, cantaloupe, and so on. The demonstration effect is obvious. Litchi browning mechanism, browning of winter jujube, alcoholization mechanism, relationship between cherry peel structure and storability, mechanism of inhibition of yeast antagonistic bacteria, and induction of chemical resistance to disease resistance of Hami melons The problem has made new progress, research and development of effective low-toxic preservatives suitable for different fruit products. Based on the characteristics of production, storage, transportation and marketing of small fruit, stone fruits, and high-value-added specialty fruits, the developed small-cell combined air-conditioned storage (box) solves the problem of water loss under ordinary cold storage and air-conditioning conditions. Weakness, difficulty in controlling gas composition; achieving low-volume, multi-batch in and out of storage (stocking, shipping and unpacking), extending and expanding the time to market (including shelf life) and space for products in the production and sales areas, Ensure the product's market quality. Initially completed the study of the automatic detection and control system of the equipment. The technology and equipment fill the gap in the country.

EU Import Standards Goji Berry

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