Cherry Blossom (Figure)

Sakura, alias cherry mountain. Rosaceae, deciduous trees. Bark purple brown, smooth and shiny, with stripes. Leaves alternate, elliptic or obovate-elliptic, margin toothed, apex pointed and glandular, dark green surface, shiny, slightly pale on the back. The stipules are lanceolate and scalloped, with jagged edges and glands. Each flower has three or five flowers, forming an umbrella inflorescence, and the bracts develop horizontally. The petal tip has nicks, white and red. Flowers bloom in March and leaves or leaves. The nuclei were spherical, initially red, and later purple-brown, mature in July.

Sakura originates from the Yangtze River basin and Japan. Sex likes sunshine, also likes moist, shallow roots, weak resistance to smoke and wind.

Sakura flowers are extremely beautiful. In full bloom, the trees are full of trees and the clouds are like Xia. It is a famous ornamental flower that blooms in early spring.

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