Chestnut fertilization in summer

There are two methods for fertilizing chestnut in summer:

First, the soil fertilization method: the use of soil fertilization is effective for Bansuyuan, which is thin and soilless and has a serious shortage of fertilizer. The method is to excavate a circular ring ditch within the drip line of the chestnut tree trunk. The ditch width is 25 cm and the ditch depth is 20 cm. Each plant applies 1 kg of calcium phosphate, 0.3 kg of urea and 0.25 kg of borax. When applying, urea and borax should be dissolved in water before the ditching, splashing water while applying fertilizer, and mixing fertilizer and soil with hoe. The fertilizer and water are infiltrated into the roots as soon as possible to be absorbed and used by the root system. After fertilization, the soil is filled back into the ditch in time to prevent evaporation of nutrients. If fertilizing soil with appropriate amount of soil and fertilizer is applied during fertilization, the results of reduction of sorghum in the following year will have a good effect on reduction of empty plough rate.

The second is the extra-root topdressing method: This method of fertilizer application is effective for the millet on various soils in summer. The method is: mix 0.3%-0.4% urea solution, 0.3%-0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution, 0.3%-0.4% borax solution, and spray the canopy on the sunny evening before 9 o'clock or after 3 o'clock, every 10 days. Spray once more and spray twice. After heavy spraying, heavy rain should be sprayed once in 10 hours to ensure fertilization. In the summer, if the soil fertilization method and the top dressing fertilizer method are applied in combination, the millet yield will be significantly increased.

Mushrooms are one of the familiar "mountain treasures". To obtain this reputation, mushrooms are not only dependent on taste, but also related to their rich nutrition and excellent health care value. Mushrooms are very rich in minerals, and especially worth mentioning is potassium. Potassium prevents strokes, assists normal muscle contraction, and reduces hypertension.

Dry Shiitake Mushroom

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