China Salon Equipment Laser Hair Removal/Elight IPL RF Laser Hair

  • Model NO.: hp603
  • Application: Salon, Home, Clinic
  • Display: 8.4 Inch Color Touch LCD Screen
  • Shot Period(Frequency): 1-5 Second Adjustable(Elight and Laser)
  • Trademark: hopelaser
  • Origin: Beijing China
  • Type: Hair Removal Instrument
  • Portable: Non Portable
  • Pulse Delay: 1-99ms
  • 1-5 Second Adjustable(Elight and Laser: 500000
  • Transport Package: Aluminum Box
Hair removal ipl shr instrument system ipl depilation

1. High quality ,elegant design, with CE certification .

2. Two screens , you can do two kinds of treatments at the same time.

3. Strong IPL / RF / laser power supply ensure high energy output.

4. 5 pcs Elight filters, 3 RF treatment heads,2 laser treatment heads

  One machine could slove nearly all the skin problems

5. 3 in 1 machine ,Save your freight cost,Save your room,Much cheaper then buy separate machines

6. Professional protective IPL and laser glasses and goggles,ensure safety.

7. Operation CD,English Manual,2 years warranty

8. Professional after-sales service ,solving you problems at first time.
Hair removal :          Unwanted hair permanent removal
Pigment treatment :      Freckles,sunspots, dot-like post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
                                    age spots, melasma , liver spots, pregnancy spots
Skin rejuvenation:       Tighten skin, fine wrinkles removal, whiten skin
Acne Treatment:         Acne removal,shrink enlarged pores
Vascular lesion Therapy:  Telangiectatic vessels ,unwanted leg veins,spider veins 
2. RF (Mono-polar):
Wrinkles removal
Tighten skin, lift skin
Rebuild face outlines and body contours
Shrink larged pores 

3. ND: YAG laser:  
All colors of tattoo removal
Spots removal (freckle, coffee spots, age spots, nevus of Ota)
Embroidery lip-line, eye-line, eyebrow pigments removal
Technical Parameter:
Handpieces  -One elight handpieces spot size 12*50mm with 7 filters(standard 5 filters)
 -One rf handpieces with 3 tips
 -One laser tattoo removal handpieces with 2 tips(1064nm and 532nm)
Multi-band hand-piece  430nm/480nm/530nm/560nm/590nm/640nm/690nm
Display  8.4 inch color touch LCD screen (for elight and rf )
 5.4 inch color touch LCD screen (for laser tattoo removal)
Language available  English, Spanish, Italian
Energy    0-50J/cm2(elight and rf)   1-100mj for laser
Pulse width:  0.1-9.9ms
Pulse number:  1-99
Pulse delay:  1-99ms
Output Power  800W for elight and rf ;  350w for laser
Shot period(Frequency)  1-5 second(s) adjustable
Lamp longevity:  500, 000shots
Light types :  intensive pulse light & ND-YAG laser instrument
Cooling way  Semi-conductor + water + wind cooling +cooling gel
Voltage  AC 110V/220V, 60Hz/50Hz
1. Long continuing working time; 
2. No downtime, No side affects; 
3. Powerful energy, multi-fuctions with one machine; 
4. CPC connector of instantly Plug and Play; 
5. Three cooling systems together, be more effective and safer; 
6. Modular Design of inner structure, easy to repair; 
7. 8.4" TFT colorful touch screen;
8. With good quality;
9. With long livetime and high performance.

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