Chinese aromatic rice and its cultivation techniques

In 2001, Wuxue City was introduced from Hubei Zhongxiang Miye Group and arranged to be planted in three townships for demonstration and demonstration, covering an area of ​​10,000 mu. Wuxue City and 3150 farmers planting Chinese fragrant rice all signed purchase orders, and implemented higher prices for better quality, so that the average farmers' income per mu increased by 126 yuan and good economic returns were obtained. The characteristics and high-yield cultivation techniques are now discussed as follows: 1 Main characteristics 1.1 Rice quality: Taimi rice has good appearance, strong aroma, High Quality, and good taste. According to the test results of the Ministry of Agriculture's Rice Quality Testing Center, the results show that: The four indexes of aspect ratio, transparency, and gelatinization temperature were the same as those of Thailand fragrant rice kdml105. The chalkiness rate, chalkiness, amylose, and protein content were better than kdml105. The results are shown in Table 1. Table 1 Comparison of the quality of Chinese fragrant rice and Thai fragrant rice brands Long and wide chalkiness chalkiness rate Transparency Gelatinization temperature Gelatin consistency Amylose protein (cm) Ratio (%) (°C) (%) (%) Thailand kdml105 7.2 3.5 6 0.7 1 7 77 12.9 8.3 Chinese jasmine rice 7.2 3.5 2 0.2 1 7 67 16.5 9.8 1.2 Growth period: Wuxue City of this variety is only suitable for one-season late rice planting, and cannot be used for double-season late rice planting. The total growth period is 130 days. about. The most suitable sowing period is from May 20 to May 30. In 2001, Wujiao City, Huaqiao and other three townships were planted for one season of late rice, planted on May 20, transplanted on June 26, and earliest stage on August 23. On August 27, the heading period, on September 28, the maturation period, the whole growth period of 128 days. However, the treatment after sowing on June 9 was affected by the dew-curvature around September 15 and it was not safe to ear. With the delay of the sowing date, the output was significantly reduced as shown in Table 2. Table 2 Chinese Cabbage Sowing Date Trial Sowing Time Transplanting Period Initial Spike Period Full Spike Period Mature Period Full Growth Period Per Mu (Month/Day) (Month/Day) (Month/Day) (Month/Day) (Month/Day) ) (days) (kg) 4/30 6/5 8/10 8/15 9/13 133 382 5/10 6/15 8/16 8/20 9/20 130 445 5/20 6/26 8/23 8/27 9/28 128 474 5/30 7/5 8/31 9/5 10/6 126 539 6/9 7/16 9/10 9/14 10/14 125 437 6/19 7/25 9/ 19 9/26 10/31 135 355 Note: The varieties are transplanted in 7.5 leaves, spacing 15.4 cm 25.5 centimeters, acres broadcast 17,000 points, seeding 20,000 grain seedlings. 2 The main cultivation technology of oil, a melon and a rice model is a high-yield and high-efficient model developed in recent years, such as Dajin Town and Huaqiao Town in Wuxue City. This mode, due to the rotation of crops, can improve soil physical and chemical properties and improve comprehensive benefits. The average yield is 150 kg of rapeseed, 2000 kg of melon and 450 kg of Chinese fragrant rice. In 2001, 30% of the area of ​​Chinese aromatic rice in our city was the model. Rape uses Huashuang No.3, Huaza No.4, Zhongyouza No.2 and other “double low” high-product varieties (combination), sowing in the first half of the first year of September, harvesting late rice after harvest, and harvesting around May 10 the following year. . Watermelon selected Yinonghonghongbao and other high-quality, high-yielding, early-maturing varieties, planted in mid-March, and transplanted in mid-April. In late June, it took a vine to grab a late-season rice crop. Seasonal late rice uses Chinese fragrant rice and sowed before May 30th. The amount of seed used per acre of 2 kg is about 12 kg per acre. The seed sowing is immersed with strong chlorine before sowing. Insert about 80,000 basic seedlings per mu. Other cultivation techniques are the same as conventional rice.

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