Chinese sturgeon seedling cultivation techniques

1. The fry cultivation cultivating pool can be made of round glass jars or square cement pools. Diameter 3 ~ 5m, depth 1.5m, pool bottom slope is 6% ~ 8%, cement pool wall and bottom tile. Water depth 0.6 plus 0.9m, water temperature control between 20 ~ 29 °C. The influent water is sprayed and directly filled with water, and the drainage is the central overflow drainage. According to the water quality and the condition of the fry, the sewage is sucked once every 2 to 3 days, and the dead fish are removed in time. The washing pool is placed once every 7 to 10 days.
The newly hatched larvae vary greatly in their body shape and behavior, and they are in the stage of body surface and yolk-breathing to phrenic respiratory transfer. At this time, sufficient oxygen is needed. Generally can be placed in the cement pool bubble stone, automatic timer switch interval aeration oxygen, so that the dissolved oxygen is maintained at 6mg / L or more. Ammonia and ammonia are below 0.5mg/L. Chinese sturgeons have to go through trips and flat swims in order to live in a transitional habitat. Therefore, Chinese sturgeons should be kept and tamed in time. The feed to be started is commercially available live leeches or zooplankton and other live baits, which are disinfected with potassium permanganate or salt before feeding. They are fed 3 times a day; when they reach 4 to 9 cm in length and weigh 1 to 4 g. To complete the domestication from live bait to compound feed. Premixed soft pellets are used in the feed and hard pellets are used in the later period. The feed should have the following characteristics: (1) The particle size is suitable, the initial diameter is 1.5mm, and gradually increases to 3mm in the later period; (2) The time for setting in water can reach 1~2h; (3) The nutrient composition is reasonable, and the protein content is high. Thick fish smell. The crude protein content was 38% to 45%, crude fat 6%, ash content 10%, crude fiber 1%, and trace elements were moderate.
2. The Chinese oysters that have been domesticated and re-introduced into the fish species have a tail weight of 5 to 10 g and a body length of 10 to 15 cm. Water quality requirements of non-polluting river water, PH value 7.2 to 8, transparency 20 ~ 40cm. Used after precipitation filtration. The water temperature is maintained at 10 to 32°C. When it is lower than 10°C or higher than 32°C, the boiler or deep well water is used for temperature adjustment. Use oxygen pump to keep the dissolved oxygen in water at 6mg/L or more and the water exchange capacity is not more than 10L/min. Clean the fish pond regularly to remove dead fish and dirt in time. Formulated feed ingredients: fish meal 55%, peanut meal 20%, gluten 15%, wet yeast 4%, fish oil 2%, salt 1%, vitamins and trace elements 3%. In the compound feed, the protein content must be considered first. Experiments show that the protein has the greatest influence on the growth of the young pupa, followed by fat, sugar and cellulose. Feed 3 times a day, depending on water temperature, weather, water quality, fish size, and density.

Rice is a finished product made after the process of rice cleaning, glutinous rice, rice milling, and finished product finishing. The embryo and aleurone layer of rice contain nearly 64% of rice nutrients and more than 90% of the nutrients required by the human body. It is the main food of the people of the South.
The carbohydrate in rice is mainly starch, and the edible rice has higher nutritional value.
Storage taboo
Rice should not be stored at the same time as foods with high moisture such as fish, meat, vegetables, etc., otherwise it will easily cause water to cause mildew; rice should not be stored directly on the ground, and should be placed on a dry, ventilated and clean pad; indoors should be stored with high moisture content. Otherwise, it is easy to absorb water and cause mildew; the family avoids rice stored in the kitchen because the kitchen has high temperature and high humidity, which has a great influence on the quality of rice.


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