Chrysanthemum cake making

Chrysanthemum cake is called from the shape, the appearance is more beautiful, after baking the cake after loosening, the crisp layer rolled up, like chrysanthemum petals, cake surface with crystal small particles. This product method is relatively simple, and can meet the aesthetic requirements. This cake contains lighter oil, but it is extremely soft and tasteless.
Raw material formula leather:
Flour 10 kg Cooked lard 3.75 kg Pastry : Flour 3.75 kg Cooked lard : 0.625 kg Filling : Flour 15 kg Cooked lard : 1 kg Miansu sugar : 11.5 kg Egg 2 kg Soda 0.25 kg Supplement : Sugar 3 kg Production method
1. Making Dough: Mix the raw materials of the skin, crisp and stuffing into groups, such as skin, filling, and drying too dry. Add water.
2. Cake blank: The skin and crispy pastry is made into pastry, then the filling is stuffed and the dough is rolled into a round cake blank. The knife is crossed on the cake face to form several horizontal and vertical knife marks. Concentrate on the center of the cake, then place the cake on the sugar and press it to make the cake covered with sugar. Place it in the oven and bake it. When baking, the temperature of the oven should be small. After the cake is opened, it can be loosened and the pastry can be taken out when it is rolled up.

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