Clever bonsai

The genus is a semi-evergreen shrub whose branches are arched and sturdy; if the snake is rooted, it is squiggled; in the season of autumn and winter, the red fruits are numerous, and they are called "snow pressure corals" and are good materials for making bonsai. The specific practices of bonsai are as follows: When the pile heads begin to sprout at the beginning of April in Aogang, select the pile head with better shape, shorten the long branches first, cut away the messy branches, carefully dig out and dig out the complete roots. Put it in a plastic bag immediately and tie it well to prevent the water from evaporating. The pots used pots with a diameter of 20 cm and a height of 20 cm. The loose sandy loam soil was better. Before planting, first trim the root to a suitable level for potting, pour the mud, and place it in the pot. After being planted, irrigating the water and placing it for 2-3 days until the soil is slightly dry to shape. The use of strong sprouting and rapid growth of shoots results in the form of umbrellas, 2-storey buildings and 3-storey buildings. The umbrella-shaped, 2-storey, and 3-story buildings have 1, 2, and 3 branches, respectively, after cutting. Each layer was 15 cm apart and the branches were fixed in place with wire. Management 1 Moisturizing: Always spray water to keep the branches moist. 2 Stubbles: When germinating in mid-April, buds should be promptly applied, and only the buds around the top must be kept on each branch. The rest should be erased. 3 Trimming: In late April, when the remaining buds grow to about 10 cm, they are trimmed. 4 Topdressing: Topdressing of nitrogen fertilizer was started in late April. 0.2% urea solution was used. It was poured every 10 days. By the end of July, various shapes had been formed. Nitrogen fertilizer was stopped and applied once every 10 days. 0.2% aqueous potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution. Flower formation and fruit formation in August, gradually blossoming purple flowers. In September, the fruit was gradually reddened in October. Before the frost moves into the room, the green leaves do not fall all the year round, red and green, especially beautiful.

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