Clever use of plants to prevent tea damage

Using plants to prevent tea plant diseases and pests not only saves money, but also ensures that there are no residual pesticides in tea, and can produce high-quality high-quality tea, so that the drinkers have no worries, and they will not pollute the environment. Tartary Buckwheat leaves 2 kg of buckwheat leaves, 10 kg water after chopped, filtered after boiling for 1 hour, and then sprayed with 2% detergent powder 200 times after cooling. It can control many kinds of pests such as tea decay moth, small green leafhopper, tea caterpillar, leaf roller moth, and moth. Feng Yang Ye Feng Ye Yang 5 kg, chopped and then added a little water smashed and squeezed out the leaf juice, and then add 2 kg of water per kilogram of raw juice spray, can control tea feet, leaf roller moth, tea caterpillars, tea moth and moth Wait. 2 kg of eucalyptus leaves, chopped water, 10 kg of water, 0.2 kg of salt, boiled for 1 hour, filtered, and sprayed, can prevent tea anthrax, bituminous coal, plume disease, powdery mildew, leukosis, garden disease, Tea moire and so on. Pine needles 5 kg pine needles, chopped and smashed add 25 kilograms of water, boiled 1 hour after filtration, plus 2% soap solution 400 times spray. Spray once a week and spray three times. It can control tea feather disease, tea leaf blight, round spot disease, tea cake disease, algae spot disease and so on. And can cure tea caterpillars, tea feet, red spider, locust moth, scale insects and so on. Paulownia leaves are brewed with 5 kg of fresh paulownia leaves, chopped and chopped with a little water, and squeezed the original leaf juice, followed by 200 times the leachate of yellow tobacco leaves and their stems, pods, roots and processed waste (petiole and veins). It can control tea pods, small green leafhoppers, tea caterpillars, tea worms, leaf roller moths, moths, tea aphids, scale insects, black acacia, red spider and so on. Take 5 kg of yellow tobacco leaves and their roots, stems, pods and processed waste, chopped and added 10 kg of water, soak 2 days and then boil for 1 hour, filter out the original sap, and add 15 kg of water spray. It can control tea pods, scale insects, tea caterpillars, tea worms, etc. Watering the scorpion can control the root knot nematode disease, and can kill the beetle larvae, floorworms, wireworms, cockroaches and so on. Tea dried tortillas will be dried and dried. After the tea cakes are dried, the tea dried cakes are burned and burned. After that, they are heated and boiled for 3 times. After soaking for 4 hours, they are filtered. After cooling, they are added with 2% detergent solution 200. Double spray. Can kill red spiders, tea leaves, small green leafhoppers, tea aphids, and other long-lasting grasshoppers. With tea dry water pouring root, in addition to the prevention and treatment of tea tree root knot nematode disease, but also to kill tigers (cut rootworm), earthworms (Earth dog), golden needle (worms), beetle larvae (fungus) and so on. Tea is buried in the earth and can also be used as fertilizer.

Energy is to provide energy to the natural transformation of the material (mineral energy, nuclear physics energy, atmospheric circulation energy, geographical energy). Energy is the material basis of human activities. In a sense, the development of human society is inseparable from the appearance of high-quality energy and the use of advanced energy technologies. In today's world, energy development, energy and environment are issues of common concern to all people and the world as a whole, as well as an important issue in the social and economic development of our country.

Petroleum products can be divided into: petroleum fuels, petroleum solvents and chemical raw materials, lubricants, paraffin, petroleum bitumen, petroleum coke and other 6 categories. The oil industry has long been dominated by the production of fuel oil for gasoline, kerosene and industrial boilers. From the 1920s to the 1930s more advanced refinery technologies emerged, most notably invented by the French Bedeley (catalytic cracking process). The so-called catalytic cracking is the use of heat, pressure and catalyst to crack the heavy oil into a lighter oil, mainly gasoline. Another refining method is the polymerization method, which is just the opposite of the cracking method: the synthesis of small molecules of macromolecules, the refinement of the lighter gas polymerization into gasoline and other liquids

Lubricant is used in various types of vehicles, machinery and equipment to reduce friction, protection of machinery and processing of liquid or semi-solid lubricants, the main lubrication, auxiliary cooling, rust, cleaning, sealing and bufferingrole(Roab)

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