Clever use of vegetables to make pesticides

The use of vegetable stems, leaves and fruits to formulate insecticides not only has a good pest control effect, but also has a low cost, is simple to produce, and is harmless to humans and animals. The preparation method is as follows: l. Add a small amount of water to the fresh pumpkin leaves and smash it, squeeze the raw juice marks, and then dilute it with 2 parts of the original sap plus 3 parts of water, add a small amount of soap, mix and spray, and treat the effect of the aphid. Up to 90%. 2, take 1kg fresh leeks, smashed into a paste and add water 400--500g soak, squeeze juice. The use of the juice to control aphids is effective. 3, fresh loofah hold rotten, plus 20 times the water stirring, take the filtrate spray, used to control cabbage caterpillar, spider mites, aphids and vegetable aphids and other pests, the effect of 95%. 4, take fresh pepper 50g, add water 30--35 times, heat and cook for half an hour, take the filtrate spray, can effectively control soil mites, aphids, spider mites and other pests. 5, take fresh green onions 2 - 3k8 smashed into the mud, add water 15 - 20kg soaking, take soaking liquid spray, with the role of control of aphids. 6. Add 1-5g of water to the ZOg onion and mash it. Soak overnight and filter. The filtrate has good control of aphids and spider mites. 7, smash 20--30g clove into mud, and then add 10kg of water to stir, and take the filtrate to prevent red spider and beetle. 8, the fresh tomato leaves into a pulp, add 2 - 3 times after the water soak 5-6 hours, take the supernatant spray, can prevent spiders, but also drive away mosquitoes. China Agricultural Network Editor