Clutch row tractor common fault

The malfunction of the oil pump with poor performance is to solve the problem that the overhaul or the repaired locomotive will not start up with the oil pump pump for the first time. The oil filter or the oil discharge pipe should be removed, and then the oil filter should be used to fill the oil hole from the machine body. Oil, immediately on the filter or the oil indicator to the oil indicator, start, the oil will be pumped up.
Clever row of hydraulic tubing fatigue breakage failure Hydraulic tubing due to frequent changes in oil pressure and high oil temperature, resulting in frequent wall relaxation, easily lead to fatigue fracture accident. To effectively prolong the service life of the hydraulic hose, it is best to use a thin wire to burn into the tubing for support. Coincidental row of hydraulic brakes Brake failure failure should carefully check the brake master cylinder and the sub-pump, whether to replace the brake oil on time, to completely eliminate the brake pipe air, and to see whether the brake pedal meets scientific height. The pneumatic braking locomotive must check to adjust the maximum brake working pressure and check whether the brake cup and hose have abnormal changes.
Clever row of diesel engine burning oil, blue smoke failure, diesel engine burning oil, blue smoke, in addition to checking whether the cylinder sleeve piston group wear, piston ring elasticity is weakened, oil sump oil is added excessively, air filter oil surface is too high, etc. If the problem still remains unsolved, attention should be paid to checking whether the gap between the valve stem and the valve guide is too large.
Inadequate engine coolant temperature caused by dirty drains. Excessive engine cooling pump scale can lead to excessive engine temperatures, accelerated parts wear, reduced power, and burned pump oil. The most scientific approach is to pick two large loofahs, remove skin and seeds, clean them and place them in water tanks. Regular replacement will remove scale. Water tank water should not be changed frequently. Changing the ground will increase the formation of scale.
Clever row of inner tube slow spreading gas fault Rubber inner tube slowly disperse gas, inner air should be exhausted as much as possible, use a stiff paper as a funnel to insert the valve, take two tablespoons of talc poured into the inner tube, and then fill the valve core according to the standard. Talcum powder diffuses in the fetal area and diffusely adheres to the fetal wall, which can effectively prevent the tiny pores from spreading slowly. This works well.

Color design and color is more
Germination warm 10 to 30 ℃
While the number of days 10-14
Grow warm 5 to 35 ℃

Is a perennial.Root shallow, not resistant to transplant, should be broadcast live.Northern spring, general can blossom in June.Seed germination is too light, should be appropriate shade, the seedling stage to keep the soil moist.Germinating slowly, at 10 to 30 ℃ temperature, two weeks after emergence.Warm regions as a perennial cultivation, planting site should give sufficient basal, growing season fertilizer water 1-2 times a month, when the summer drought attention to irrigation.Sex is fond of warm and humid climate, sunny and fertile, drainage good sandy loam, not cold.Verbena stem stocky prostrate, is a good material, long flowering, in addition to habitat CaiLiaoChu used in flower beds, flower, also can be potted ornamental, or large area planted for urban road green belts, big wheel, a slope, etc.


Verbena Seeds

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