Coal ash for fertilizer benefits

Coal ash (ie furnace ash) is a good fertilizer, and its benefits are many:

First, can improve the ground temperature According to the determination, the coal ash in the 5 ~ 10 cm soil layer, the ground temperature can be increased by 0.7 ~ 2.4 °C.

Second, to reduce the bulk density of soil The use of coal ash as fertilizer, so that the soil is not compacted, increase soil porosity, reduce soil bulk density, can play a role in water absorption, loose soil improvement.

Third, improve the water retention and fertilizer capacity According to the determination, the application of 750 kg of coal ash per acre than the water content did not increase 2%, but also can improve the soil.

Fourth, can be used as a composting material Coal ash has a certain degree of adsorption, can be composted with other organic compost or straw together with high-temperature composting.

V. Directly used as fertilizer The coal ash contains phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, boron, calcium, silicon and other elements, so it can be used as a source of fertilizer for the lack of these elements and acidic soil. The use of coal ash in the soil in combination with other fertilizers can make the crop stalk hard and resistant to lodging. Coal ash has a certain yield increase effect on crops, generally increasing yield by about 10% for wheat, rice and oil crops, and increasing the yield of leguminous crops.

Precautions: 1. Test before application, coal ash with high toxic quality cannot be used for agriculture. 2. The applied coal ash must be screened first, and the stones and large debris should be sieved and then piled. 3. It should cooperate with and increase organic fertilizer.

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