Collecting and processing

1, the collection time

The collection is best carried out during the nighttime activity in October. Because there is no egg in the body at this time, it is easy to process.

2, capture tools

In different production areas, the tools for catching cockroaches are generally the same, and most of them are used as excavating tools. In the season of catching, storks mostly inhabit piles of rocks or roots in the foothills, hide under the rocks, and so on. Therefore, crickets and two-toothed crickets are more dexterously applied. Most of the trapped crickets are temporarily stored in bamboo poles, bamboo tubes or bottles and cans. In general, the containers should not be too small. It is best to put some grass in the containers to prevent them from killing each other.

3, capture method

Both sides of the head have a pair of drug lice. To master the capture method, it will not be bitten by it. At the time of capture, first select the roosting habitat, flip the rock or gap between the roots, etc., and then quickly escape after being frightened. You should press down as quickly as possible with the nail or two-tooth rake, then lean over and use the index finger to accurately press Head, forcing the venom to open, so that it can not be closed, and then with the thumb and the middle finger, pick up the head and poison it off. Although it will not be bitten by this method during storage or processing, it is one of the issues that people in the industry are currently discussing.

4, processing

The captured live quail is processed directly in some places, and in some places it is first hot-sanded and reprocessed. During processing, according to the body length, choose a bamboo stick that is about 1/5 to 1/4 longer than the body length, sharpen both ends, insert one end from the ventral surface into the head or the first section of the trunk, and insert the other end into the tail. Afterwards, it is dried with sunlight, stoves, charcoal basins, biogas, kerosene stoves and other heat sources. After drying, they are graded and sold according to individual size. The medical sector uses sulphur fumigation to prevent rot or infestation.

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Cervical traction devices treat different types and causes of neck pain, tension, and tightness. Cervical traction helps to relax the muscles, which can significantly relieve pain and stiffness while increasing flexibility. It`s also used to treat and flatten bulging or herniated disks. It can alleviate pain from joints, sprains, and spasms. It`s also used to treat neck injuries, pinched nerves, and cervical spondylosis.

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