Color rice cultivation techniques

Nutrition and health care rice, namely red rice, black rice, fragrant rice, is a traditional high quality rare rice species in China.

First, Shannon rice. The first batch of four high-quality rice varieties recommended by the Ministry of Agriculture's Rice Quality and Supervision, Inspection and Test Center were first tested and evaluated. All 12 indicators exceeded the first-grade rice index. The beige color is jade, and trace elements, especially selenium, are high in content. Is the best variety for the development of pollution-free green food. Pansy rice plant height 100 cm, about 150 grains per ear, grain weight 28 grams, general yield 500 to 550 kilograms, the whole growing period of 136 to 140 days.

Second, special red rice. The ruddy red color is agate, aromatic and beautiful and delicious. It has the effect of selenium-enriched blood, beauty and health. The red rice has a total growth period of 138 days, a plant height of 95 cm, a strong tillering ability, a strong resistance to disease, a grain weight of 26 grams, and a general yield of about 500 kilograms per mu.

Third, rare black rice. Beige black oil, rich flavor and pure, black rice contains 17 kinds of essential amino acids and iron content is 1 to 2 times that of ordinary rice. The black rice plant has a height of 100 cm and is resistant to fertilizer and lodging. It has strong resistance to disease, high resistance to bacterial blight, and light sheath blight. The green leaves mature later. Spike large general 200, black and thin grains of rice, grain weight 25 grams, per mu production is generally about 450 kilograms, high output can reach about a kilogram.

Cultivation points: In the middle of the month of May, the seedlings were planted in due course. 2, wide line narrow plant, insert the basic seedlings, density 20,000 holes per mu, basic seedlings 8 to 100,000. 3, formula balanced fertilization, appropriate to reduce the amount of nitrogen fertilizer, increase phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, improve rice quality. 4, prevention and control of pests, with high efficiency and low toxicity of biological pesticides to prevent rice quality. 5. Strengthen field management and timely harvest.

Road Milk Tanker (Milk Tank trailer)5-60tons:

All the heads are one time moulding . And all the inner Rcorners are larger than 30mm.To ensure there is no right-angle inside the tank. the insulation layer PUF. Temperature raise less than 2°C within 24 hrs:

1.About the material: 

AISI/SUS 304-2B(S.S304)food grade stainless steel plate sheet ,inside shell 2.5-3mm / outer shell  2mm, one time molding heads.

2 .Special welding process :

TIG welding process, to obtain the good outlook and reduce the crack and pit. All surface can be polished shinning like mirror.

3.One time molding heads  and injecting PUF or use fiber glass.

And each compartment use double heads back-to-back which make sure every compartment heads smooth and no right-angle left,easy to wash.

Using polyurethane foam(PUF) /glass fiber to get better insulation ability, which has the perfect warmth keeping ability and ensure temperature raise not too fast

4.Milk out-let pipe and air vent

Each milk compartment has one set separate out-let pipe and air vent.out-let pipes which usesΦ50×2.0 polished stainless steel (sanitary parts), all pipes inside the insulation layer to make sure no frozen milk occurs in winter and no milk rotten in summer.

5.The CIP cleaning system

Equipment with automatic self-rotation ball(spray cleaning ball) inside the tank, and CIP joint in rear carbin.

6. Rear cabinet  for tools/pipe /pump/and milk sampling.

The lockable rear cabinet design make the tanker have a tidy general look.and convenient for use/you add other device( according yourdesign).

7.The design of the manhole cover

All the covers are Anti-Spillage design, to avoid the over flow and leakage of the milk from top cover.

8.The Top anti-skid platform.

Anti-skid platform on the top of tank body made of Aluminium alloy plate with skid-resistant surface. For safyty.the anti-skidplatform with Φ25mm handrails(S.S) of 250mm height.

9.The breath airway(air vent):

Air vent diameter no less than Φ120mm.

10 .The tank body design:

The scientific long axis and short axis design for tank body meets the hydrokinetics requirements and ensures the safety of vehicles.and we can design the tank according your trailer(truck) size.

11 .The chassis of the vehicle

The vehicle chassis standard FAW chassis.or we provide semi-trailer chassis according your demand.

road milk tanker

Road Milk Tanker

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